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... by mentioning Harvard President Larry Summers, who was swiftly defenestrated in 2005 for saying ...

Poor guy was thrown out a window? Even as a metaphor, this is sloppy writing. I aver there is some isochronal lexicon of polysyllabic words disseminated to academia to indulge their narcissistic penchants for preeminence. Fuck thesauri and their abusers.


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They are always trying to cover or manipulate the truth. It is a shame. Its always to cover for the "people," but it is to hide from the people the stuff they should know.

There are some who are charlatans and will manipulate things to their own ends, instead of trying to at least move towards a general conclusion that for all other intensive purposes seems to fit into the findings made.

The application of the scientific method is no more. People will just fit hypotheses into models and then replicate things with skewed results and you will get a very fractured looking system of results with little consistency or a lot of bad consistency and it throws off future scientific investigations and findings.

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Why would they censor things to hide their crimes when in fact they don't have to do it and people just walk by them unintended. These people are not hiding anything.

Someone can expose them and they would not give a damn, since they are so powerful. The main thing in this case that these people are impenetrable.

That is why protesting against them and the establishment that represents them is so important. We should facilitate things against the establishment and the feds.


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Steinberger replied later that day. Half his board, he explained unhappily, had told him that unless he pulled the article, they would all resign and “harass the journal” he had founded 25 years earlier “until it died.”

Heh. jew got jewed


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There are a lot of jews on that editorial board. The JQ is going to come to public consciousness, no matter how hard they try to suppress it.


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AT IQ 130, MEN OUTNUMBER WOMEN 2 to 1 in countless studies

And any trip to a mental institution will show you that most extreme low IQ are males there as well.\

as for AVERAGE intelligence, when using only SAT scores for a N count of 100,000, males are over 3.63 IQ points higher on AVERAGE :




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That's why women need to breed up not down.


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technically the deviation is caused by onset of puberty ceasing 'hemisphere specialization', and also brain volume. So men would need to start being atracted to larger females with less secondary sexual characteristics (less curvy bodies).


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The Secret: never actually believing anything is absolute.