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The article referred to is itself a criticism of which is itself largely composed of references to other articles. The underlying problem quoted is figures of 20% obesity plus 14% overweight among children 10-11. Other articles not quoted here ( suggest that obesity is costing the UK's single-payer National Health Service large amounts of money, and depriving the economy of the work of people who die or become too ill to work before retirement age. The article has costed a government recommended healthy diet at £40 per week. I live alone and am not overweight - if anything my diet is that of a bit of a health nut. My weekly grocery spend is something under £30, and I don't eat out or buy food anywhere else.

The UK devours an enormous amount of pre-prepared junk food. There are some chains that seem to sell very little else. There are some signs that people are trying to do something about this ( I don't think we should scoff at this problem, but I don't think the solution lies in left wing politics, either.