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Hey I greatly appreciate this. I've been studying esoteric stuff passively for a long time and definitely do keep an open mind. I'm more looking for good info on Saturn worshipping as I've heard of it but havent necessarily tied it to any particular "dieties" like moloch ect so I guess I'm more specifically looking for something that does that, though I'm definitely going to explore the links you suggested and thank you dearly for them.

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Np, that's why I suggested "An Occult Primer". It gives a solid overview about the planets and how they influence occultism/ritual. Not just Saturn, but Mars, Venus, Mercury, etc. Wasn't sure how in to it you were, so you could probably skip the Kybalion (though I like to re-read it, every now and then, anyway. With fresh eyes, etc). The second book is what you're looking for, though. Including practical, very specific, guides on how to perform rituals.

Because you seem really interested, as a form of appreciation: here's a picture of a cat. That's all it is and nothing more. Absolutely nothing. In fact, you probably shouldn't click it: I'm a pretty bad speller and there's a very strong possibility that the link to said picture of a cat might actually take you to a completely unrelated file, and I cannot be held responsible if it does so.

If for whatever reason, said link happens tot take you to something that might resemble anything that we're talking about, in this conversation, then by golly... that's just some super crazy coincidence of good luck. Either way, brother, enjoy the cat pic.

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So happy I'll have something to do at work today while I sit around waiting for something to happen.

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I greatly appreciate it man, I love cats. Thanks a bunch.

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Bless your soul.