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Any links or anything you can share where I might get started?

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Not OP, but to get you in the right mindset, and understand where these people are coming from, before you even try to understand the significance of Saturn, in all this: I'd suggest starting with the Kybalion. It broad-strokes a lot of esoteric beliefs, and packages them neatly in to what is essentially the foundation of all occultism.

Then, I'd suggest, "Magic: An Occult Primer", by David Conway. Again, broad-strokes: puts everything down in a very logical, well written and researched manner— stuffed to the brim with enough sources to keep you busy for a long time. Keep an open mind: no one's asking you to believe this stuff. Just know that those in power do and they'll go to great lengths of extreme evil, in order to satisfy their beliefs.

Hands down, this is why the child trafficking trade is still alive and well: humans never stopped sacrificing virgins, to their demonic gods. They simply stopped doing it out in the open. I actually really like David Conway's book, because it thoroughly covers mostly modern Western occultism, which has its roots way deep in Jewish mysticism and Kabbalah. It gives you an eye-opening insight in to what Jews believe in (and practice) behind closed doors, when the goyim aren't looking.

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Hey I greatly appreciate this. I've been studying esoteric stuff passively for a long time and definitely do keep an open mind. I'm more looking for good info on Saturn worshipping as I've heard of it but havent necessarily tied it to any particular "dieties" like moloch ect so I guess I'm more specifically looking for something that does that, though I'm definitely going to explore the links you suggested and thank you dearly for them.

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For viewpoints from every side, as a VERY GENERAL overview ( read oversimplified in the extreme, but still a decent overview for the clueless)

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Thanks for this. So according to this, what religion isnt worshipping Saturn?

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I have a bunch of graphs and photos on my computer but I’m out of town. To get started, Google the words “Saturn hexagon satanism” and you’ll come across a lot of websites expounding the topic.

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