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This hexagon on Saturn bleeds into the esoteric. For those interested, read how this links into the Jewish star and how Saturn is the planet of Satan.

I feel like I’m taking crazy pills, but it was only a year ago when I read into it and now I’m convinced.

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Not crazy. You can look at rothschild pictures, they have saturn hats on and all kinds of weird shit. Saturn worship is a real thing.

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Saturn worship and its importance to the kikes is very real, but I'm going to be heavily skeptical of any claims that esoteric supernatural mysticism is real and that Saturn literally plays a part in magical happenings.

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Which, is also why Jews put that little black cube, on their head, when praying; which, (((coincidentally))) happens to look like a hexagon, when viewed at an angle. This shit runs deep, and has been going on for millennia.

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In Mecca, Muslims swirl around the black cube, just like the storm on Saturn.

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Imagine, a whole culture developed around wearing your foreskin as a hat and stealing from everyone else. The Lord truly works in mysterious ways.

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Also they worship on SATURday, the 6th day of the week. And Saturn is the 6th planet from the Sun.

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Numerology is deeply entrenched in Jewish tradition and occultism. Which is why I find it interesting how hard (((people))) try to downplay it as paranoid schizophrenia. They hide shitloads of information, in plain sight, using numerology. Fuck, their letters double as their numbers, and they form sentences mathematically. And they won't even dispute any of that; until, of course, you begin to imply that they actively use these methods to do (and hide) nefarious behavior.

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Any links or anything you can share where I might get started?

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Not OP, but to get you in the right mindset, and understand where these people are coming from, before you even try to understand the significance of Saturn, in all this: I'd suggest starting with the Kybalion. It broad-strokes a lot of esoteric beliefs, and packages them neatly in to what is essentially the foundation of all occultism.

Then, I'd suggest, "Magic: An Occult Primer", by David Conway. Again, broad-strokes: puts everything down in a very logical, well written and researched manner— stuffed to the brim with enough sources to keep you busy for a long time. Keep an open mind: no one's asking you to believe this stuff. Just know that those in power do and they'll go to great lengths of extreme evil, in order to satisfy their beliefs.

Hands down, this is why the child trafficking trade is still alive and well: humans never stopped sacrificing virgins, to their demonic gods. They simply stopped doing it out in the open. I actually really like David Conway's book, because it thoroughly covers mostly modern Western occultism, which has its roots way deep in Jewish mysticism and Kabbalah. It gives you an eye-opening insight in to what Jews believe in (and practice) behind closed doors, when the goyim aren't looking.

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For viewpoints from every side, as a VERY GENERAL overview ( read oversimplified in the extreme, but still a decent overview for the clueless)


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I have a bunch of graphs and photos on my computer but I’m out of town. To get started, Google the words “Saturn hexagon satanism” and you’ll come across a lot of websites expounding the topic.

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The black sun rises. Dark times, ahead.

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Rendering error. Turn up the AA on Universe.

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Bad UV mapping.

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I'm sure it's going to eventually turn out to be three hexagons, and then people will be able to label it as hell due to 666.

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Would explain why those vile jews worship saturn

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666=star of David

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6th planet with a 6 sized polygon. Neat.

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That's 3 6s total then. Daaaang!

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Birkeland currents. Charged plasmas.

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Blah, blah...you are missing the message.

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At a small enough scale everything is angled, it's only in the macro-world that angles give way to more irregular or spherical shapes

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Yeah, one wasn't creepy enough.

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Why do you find planitary oddities creepy?

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I dunno, maybe MOLOCH BLACK CUBE?! Now with twice the power?

But still, an hexagon, nay 2, is not what you expect to see from swirling gases.

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