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They would also get torn apart and sold for scrap by negros like every other thing white people built in that shit hole.

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For no profitable purpose, but at great expense.

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I'd like to build a 2000 ft skyscraper there with a 2000 ft subterranean garage/storage/whatever area too. Solar powered by it's own exterior. But solar panels don't last (efficiently) long. So it would just end up being stupid and dead.

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Maybe one day the sahara can return to its former glory.

Back before ancient nigger/jew farmers raped the sahara, middle-east, asia's with their shitty farming techniques.

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Seeing as wind and solar power construction is both physically demanding and highly technical, and only whites possess high enough average strength and intellect to have enough people who are both physically and mentally capable of doing the work, it sounds like we need more white men.