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It's all under the political umbrella of identity politics. The idea is to divide people into small groups and then direct them. This is a war strategy, not social. Women have been manipulated along with low IQ groups who are unable to see the war strategy being used.

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There is no basis for the feminist argument for being so big about female identity. Its already set in stone. The other part is for females to self-conceptualize of themselves.

Racial identity is the grand unifier of consciousness in a society and culture. All revolves around it. We let that play out though over time, while the feminist argument should be considered completely separate and a self-alienating topic that has absolutely nothing to do with white male power in retrospect, and ends up undermining and contradicting it.

The best thing is to show the grave logical fallacy of feminism and that it cannot get the race anywhere, because of how it undermines the basic components of social and political order.