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Health is number one, then family, then school/ work in that order.

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Meh, some of the greatest achievements I made came after working long and hard, just don’t forget to add “work smart” in there too.

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What are you working for? Whats your goal?

If its just carreer advancement so you can make more money. So you can just buy more shit you dont need. Well then of course your going to be unhappy.

No amout of accumulation of crap os going to make you happy.

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I HATE overachievers. Work during WORK hours, do NOT cheat and work 24/7 just to get ahead.

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I work long.

I work hard.

Building gats.

More harm than good, huh? I beg to differ !

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I wonder how much of this is because people who do good work don't need to work as hard as those who don't, not the other way around.