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As an expert KSP player, I can confidently say that this is easy to do.

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Poor Jebediah. RIP

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Make them land in Somalia and I think we'd have a winner.

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I like this idea. I have liked it ever since I first head of it years ago. The idea (((they))) have is using laser or magnets to bring these things in close. Get them into an orbit and use them for mining and maybe even as a blocker for another asteroid on a collision course with earth.

What I like about the idea is, it would be inevitable that the thing would end up crashing down on earth, wiping out almost everything. It would make for a glorious demise of the human race.

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If a heavy asteroid was put in orbit, with an attached rope hanging down, it could be used to launch people into space as the rope passed by. Not sure why it's not more common.

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It would get weaponized before that.

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Wasn't this done already by a velociraptor?

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if ground zero is Detroit, Philly, California or Africa this is a solid plan where do i send my crowd funding?

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Wouldn't it be the easiest to mine in space with no gravity?

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They aren't actually planning on landing them. They want to put them in orbit around the Earth and mine them there.

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So fill earth orbit with more space junk.

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Modern mineral processing techniques were developed one earth. Doing so without gravity is incredibly difficult right now.

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Yes. It's be much cheaper to mine them out in the asteroid belt and bring home the useful pieces.

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Small asteroids would be mined in place. Larger ones could be towed, IFF the cost numbers crunch profitably. EZPZ

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Imagine being this scared about the future, the mining is probably gonna be staged off the moon where the low gravity makes for a good waypoint. It'd be a waste of fuel to tow these rocks into earth orbit.

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