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That sounds like a good idea. The Russians can be inventive in strange ways like that. I don't know if an animal species goes extinct for a reason.

Dinosaurs went extinct 66 million years ago because of the impact of a meteor, although there was a Dinosaur spotted 64 million years ago, but by that time their numbers were so low probably and they had poor selection of vegetation so they went extinct. I am almost under the belief that humans could have existed that far back and hunted the remaining ones out of existence. The other thinking is that some carnivorous dinosaurs ate out the ones who ate the dinosaurs who were vegetarians and then had no real food supply and gradually went extinct. I think this argument sounds more logical.

What do you think of recloning a Neanderthal? I know there would be ethical concerns, but frankly speaking I think the European Neanderthals, especially the ones from Northwestern Europe are much smarter than a human would conceptualize and they might be like us in some manner too. I don't see the practical purport of this either.

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What do you think of recloning a Neanderthal?

No. Just no. Cloning Mammoths as work animals is one thing, but cloning a potentially sapient species just for shit and giggles (and, as usual, military purposes) is one different thing entirely. The moment a living being recognizes it is only kept alive for the purpose of being a glorified freakshow is the precise moment where things go too far.

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I concur and this is the best logical argument out there. I think the biggest quandary would be such a living being if it were to exist would in fact be easily manipulated for other experimental deviant purposes and of course things going too far would be when that specific living being just self-destructs and becomes a walking pariah for the rest of society.

I think ultimately its tied down to the same mentality that produced the whole human zoo phenomenon, although how it worked and its dynamics vastly differ, and of course they say there was some scientific reasoning at play, while in the case of recloning of Neanderthal it would not be for scientific purposes but would be playing with fire essentially.