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There are few things in life as much fun as playing in and winning in team sports. You don't have to like people. As a matter of fact it is GOOD to hate people. The people on the other team. But when you are playing contact sports and whipping another team's ass, you get a deep sense of accomplishment, satisfaction, and fulfillment. Yeah, fulfillment bitches.

It is fun to knock the fuck out of people on the other team who you hate - at least for the hour and a half or so that you're playing them. After the game you might go out and have a beer with them, and respect them because they fought hard like you.

Unfortunately your snowflake generation was brought up to get along with everybody and not to play to rough because somebody might get hurt. I truly pity your twisted and deformed generation. Killing guys in video games is a dry shadow of the fun you get from knocking the fuck out of guys on the other team in sports, or just winning. Probably the only thing that is more fun is real war.

Yeah, I said that pussies. Go cry and sniffle in your safe spaces till you feel better and aren't scared.