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I guess I'm an evolutionary degenerate because I hate team sports. I hate people.

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You "sort of hate" people. Otherwise, what are you doing babbling on this site? You love or sort of like people. Same here. And same with the concept that I despise sport-watching. I love playing sports, but I don't want to watch a bunch of over-paid millionaires that are remote-yet-now-local mercenaries run around a field for alleged entertainment.

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We should hang out together.

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There are few things in life as much fun as playing in and winning in team sports. You don't have to like people. As a matter of fact it is GOOD to hate people. The people on the other team. But when you are playing contact sports and whipping another team's ass, you get a deep sense of accomplishment, satisfaction, and fulfillment. Yeah, fulfillment bitches.

It is fun to knock the fuck out of people on the other team who you hate - at least for the hour and a half or so that you're playing them. After the game you might go out and have a beer with them, and respect them because they fought hard like you.

Unfortunately your snowflake generation was brought up to get along with everybody and not to play to rough because somebody might get hurt. I truly pity your twisted and deformed generation. Killing guys in video games is a dry shadow of the fun you get from knocking the fuck out of guys on the other team in sports, or just winning. Probably the only thing that is more fun is real war.

Yeah, I said that pussies. Go cry and sniffle in your safe spaces till you feel better and aren't scared.

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Also, roughhousing builds vital social skills and helps hone evolutionary survival instincts. That's why children and baby animals engage in it.

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Where can I get a job doing these kind of obvious studies?

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obviously, but in the modern clown world it's metastasized into passively watching other men play sports. and those men are roided to the gills while being presented as "drug-tested", compounding the sportscuck's feelings of inadequacy and genetic inferiority.

hence the reason the average sportscuck is a 400 pound blob of shit whose only joy comes from cheering his "betters".

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Bullshit. You are either a killer or you're a victim. You should know the difference BEFORE you go into battle.

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so would group play be appropriate?

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No, should be completely banned except for niggers.

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... used in lethal raiding.

I cannot find the video or explanation, but it was insightful. We don't want to kill each other, even niggers. All animals are mostly bluff. So are the negros. So are white folk. So is everyone.

Animals beat the hell out of each other until the other runs away. Once it does, the other does not pursue it to finish it off. Humans need to be trained to slaughter (well, most). There is another video saying that in WWI, something like 95% of soldiers on all sides just kinda fire their weapon in the general direction of the enemy. The enemy (ourselves) realized this is a problem. WWII only got up to about 10% actually trying to kill to enemy. Since then, we have gotten good. Supposedly 95% of Iraq war veterans were actually trying to kill the enemy. Yey progress!

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something like 95% of soldiers on all sides just kinda fire their weapon in the general direction of the enemy

I know about this study and I don't believe the numbers. Or maybe I'm a psychopath. Because I can tell you that I would kill a LEGITIMATE enemy without hesitation or the slightest remorse. Some guys are wired that way. The truth is that some guys come home from war and they can't fit back in to society because they can't duplicate the excitement and thrills of war. Civilian life is too tame for them.

I guess maybe I'm in the 5% - but I think it's really higher than 5%. I think it's more like 20%. I think the guys who said they fired their weapon in the air were just saying that because they didn't want to admit the truth - that once they got into it, the killing and war instinct took over. They didn't like what they found out was inside them, and they didn't want to admit it to anybody.

That's why guys who come home from war have trouble. They found out that they were basically killing machines when they got into battle, and now they're trying to live in a society that say, Oh, noes, that is bad, you are bad, if you behaved that way or have that instinct. They're wracked with guilt because of what society says about people who behaved the way they did.

If they weren't in a feminized society that wags it's finger in their faces and tells them that war and killing is BAD- after they save the useless fucks from an enemy - they wouldn't have those psychological problems.

Now none of this is to say that some guys CAN'T handle it. There are plenty of guys wired that way. Maybe the majority of guys are wired to be passive followers, and being forced to engage an enemy and kill him plays havoc with their innate physiologically based psychology.

This same boredom thing happens with criminals who try to go straight, or with drug addicts who try to get off the dope. It's not that they can't do straight life. It's that it is too fucking BORING when you have been out there on the edge.

Let's just say that I know a little about this from personal experience, and leave it at that.

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You read my whole thing where the US military now has it up to 95%?

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Not in my experience. I pretty much mean stupid shits are available for me to take their stuff.