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Never eat soy

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Came here to post this. Don't drink water from plastic bottles either, even if they say "BPA free"

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I'll have a heyday with the ladies that want babies?

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Hey no taking and giving in marriage in heaven. No more putting up with chickshit!

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The stem cells in question were taken from female mice. There was no need for any males.

That's terrible! It's not looking good for guys.

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You stop watching porn if your sperm count is that low for at least a day or so.

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you can watch all the pron you like. you can fap all you like. just don't cum.

There are a few mile stones. 3 days is good. you should feel different after 7 days. after 14 days you hormones should have changed for the better. Any more might be detrimental.

Porn and fapping all the time comes with its won problems. you can actual jiz so much in one day that you give your self severe adrenal fatigue

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Problem is lately I can't find any Brazilian fart porn and it's driving me nuts.

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I did that shit for years daily and one day I just said fuck it and now it's been over a year and I have to urge to so I guess I broke a week. Hell I got rid of almost a terabyte of porn a few months back just to give me some storage room on the pc. I never got the adrenaline fatigue but I did give my dick a few blisters from overdoing it a few times when I was young.