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looks like the outer most layer of the brain is still there. If that matters.

This gets me thinking about the age old question about consciousness.

Is consciousness generated by the brain ?

I know you guys hate it but there were 2 Ask Reddit threads that recently caught my eyes. 1 was about gut feelings. The other was about how a simple change save their life. For example stopping to tie their shoes right before a heavy tile falls from the ceiling. It hasn't happened to me so I don't know how it feels. I have heard about this sort of thing before seeing it on reddit. It seems to be quite common. Where you get an odd feeling that gets you to change you path that ultimately saves your life.

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I guess that's how they know we severely underutilize our brain wads. I had to get a bunch of brain tests due to traumatic injury (one of many). They told mom I had abnormal results. Never got the details, but I'm autistic (found out later), plus several traumatic skull injuries (thrown down flight of stairs as infant, line drive baseball, 9-iron,fireplace poker, brick, softball bat). MOstly during childhood.

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thanks god for brain plasticity

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Or not. I think everyone's against me.

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Massive approval for Peter Watts. I have nothing insightful to contribute, just that.

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This makes a lot of sense. These life long liberals have 95% of their head filled with cerebrospinal fluid, while 5% is actual brain.

I assume rutabaga is another word for liberal.