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What is the simplest solution?

Most scientists don't know that one very simple solution exists. Instead they invoke reality breaking magic: multiple worlds and virtual particles.

Plank had proposed a Threshold theory which is the simplest solution that I have seen. Energy is distributed over all directions, in waves, just like light. At the detector end, the energy can reach a threshold at some point. And if it does, the detector gives off a signal. We think that a photon has been received.

5 4 3 2 1 5 6 9 2 0 2
6 5 4 3 2 6 7 X 3 1 3
So with a threshold of 9, we find a "particle X" in the 8th position of the detector.

Sometimes we may detect 2 "particles" at the same time. And according to the experiments at http://www.thresholdmodel.com this is actually what happens. The experimenter is not a good talker, but just go through his experimental results.

This is the alternative solution for Einstein's photon model, and it works well for quantum mechanics in all tests that I have seen. The solution is so simple that I find it more of a miracle that it is not one of the leading interpretations of quantum physics.

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If you can't explain it to a six year old, you don't understand it yourself.

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Light is spread over all detectors. Maybe even all atoms. It is like spraying water in the air and catching it in different glasses. If the glass is full the detector detects a photon. That glass is now empty again.
The glasses start with a random starting level. But at first scientists thought that the glasses started empty. So that is why they dismissed this option.

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Thanks for the writeup! I hadn't heard of this model. That does sound like it makes infinitely more sense than the cheat mode they invoked to make quantum physics work.

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I dont get the big deal.. at about age 5 i asked my dad how big the universe is he said about 14 billion lightyears wide or something.. the i asked if you go to the edge and there is a wall what is on the othet side of the wall? I then realised its all fucked and life makes no sense, luckily alchol has smoothed the ride some.

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We know that we don't know anything.

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Yeah it's a sad day when you realize that what we know doesn't add up to 1 millionth of 1 percent of what there is to know.

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Nobody understands quantum physics anyway, especially those who think they do. Only half-joking there.

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I liked when I read Einstein saying, "Saying you don't understand Quantum Mechanics means you understand it better than someone who says they do understand it."

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And he didn't believe it at all.

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I never heard that, and I got if from a Quantum Mechanics text book. Show me your evidence. Can't right? You say it exists, but you don't know WHERE it exists at any given moment right?

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It tells us that it's possible for a country like Russia to have lots of natural resources worth $$$ but the proles will see none of it.

Active Measures.

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Merely discussing this article or lnks to other major published papers will get you rapidly downvoted by the two or three community college educated autistics that seem to frequent this area of voat.

Therefore, Its not worth discussing this topic or any advanced physics topics here.

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I think its also that quantum physics in particular is really really abstract and doesn't lend itself to forum discussions anyway. Not even for people who do understand it. The only discussions I've ever had or witnessed on it where I walked away feeling maybe like I was less confused than before involved a lot of other visual media.

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