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Wait. Snail venom? When did those things become venomous?

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$10 says there are at least three different kinds of venomous snails native to Australia.

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Yeah but that's Australia. They probably have venomous butterflies.

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Cone snails (found in the sea) are venomous.

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Check out the cone snail.

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In that wiki article, it says back in 2004 fda approved pain killer extracted from said snails. The article is reporting 14 year old discoveries.

Edit. Both are talking about the same drug. Reporter digging through Wikipedia for news?

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Does this researcher just grab shit up he sees and see if it's a painkiller? What was his inspiration? snail looked really comfortable when on fire?

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The chemicals are too large to go through the blood brain barrier so are useless unless you stick a needle into the brain or the spine.

All papers refer to this unfortunate fact.

Big pharma might figure out how to create a smaller molecule that can dissolve in normal blood plasma and sneak into brain one day.

Tons of chemicals are over 10 times more powerful than morphine.

In fact many are over 10 times more powerful than this snail venom.

One example Ohmefentanyl is 28 times more powerful as a painkiller than fentanyl.

Ohmefentanyl is 6,300 times more powerful than morphine!

There are many many drugs more powerful that morphine. The problem is that you want one that can be dissolved in water, small enough to enter brain, and can be processed out of body by the liver.

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Great. These snails are going to be fucking toast soon along with most other life, so we'd better get studying while they're still around.

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I've read about people picking up seashells, holding them up to their ear to "hear the ocean", getting stung by the snail inside, and dying.

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And as soon as (((Big Pharma))) can find a way to get millennials addicted to it, they have it on the market as Tranjoy or Xerfix or some shit.