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WOW! that's almost 2 one thousandths of a percent difference in possible accuracy!

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That is one of the reasons why I believe that gravity is not a fundamental force.

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Gravity is a fraud and well documented at this point

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Gravity is still NOT YET MEASURABLE using multiple different measurements at human scale

This new precision still sucks crap and is comically in support of the fact that gravity itself is far from understood by humans.

refer to section "Anomalies and discrepancies" on :


And those are six are less than half the proven anomalies in gravity expectation

In the 11th dimension, when gravity is taken into account :



The only problem is that this 11th dimension effect is only actually proven in experiments when atomic masses ALMOST TOUCH and electron fields start to overlap , messing up measurements.

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Who's the retard here?

I can clearly see that I again have the highest IQ here, with all the downvotes of what I consider standard science fact

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total bullshit. Notice how this shit starts coming out as people actually disprove it and spread the disproofs around like wildfire. The elite scientific community is getting destroyed. Bunch of sexually perverted jews and occultist.

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You think this is bad? Wait until all the Christians find out that Jesus was a Jew. Gravity is a lie everyone tells so nobody suspects a Jew is responsible for keeping them planted on the ground.

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Mary was Galilean and his father was god. How was Jesus a jew?

And that’s beside the point that Christianity is not a European religion so I don’t get why the fuck Whites still care about it so much compared to our own Nordic and European mythologies.

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Yeah, and an authentic Jew at that as opposed to the Moloch worshiping imposters who nowhere near keep God's law.

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Nigger why are you posting jew anti science in the science sub? No such thing as gravity.