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This quote says it all:

“Gender studies—similar to Marxism-Leninism—can be called an ideology rather than a science, and therefore it is doubtful that it attains the scientific level expected for a university degree course”.

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Pro tip: Any degree that ends in studies is useless. Honestly these people are less qualified when they graduate due to the marxist brainwashing baggage placed on their shoulders. Firms will eventually wise up and purge these morons and stop hiring them once they realize it's hurting their bottom line to employ people/departments that actively attacking the most productive people in said firms.

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I disagree. If I was still having to vet new hire possibilities I would have found studies entries on the resumes most useful. See one toss it in trash continue with the stack.

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They used to be conduits to government jobs. Like, you'd get a degree in Middle Eastern Studies and next stop is foreign affairs, or intelligence. The problem began when they started making them touchy-feely-lefty courses and expanding them beyond any semblence of jobs available.

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Firms will eventually wise up and purge these morons and stop hiring them

Just as soon as the Soros money stops rolling in.

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This article is poorly written and uninformative. Not surprising considering they couldn't be arsed to edit their own title.

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The amount of typos is almost equal to the amount of links.

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There are a lot of links, even a real citation or two, and I appreciate that.

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All you have to do is make law that states that Universities are required to find job placement for their degrees [that is, after all, why they're being pursued] or they have to reimburse the tuition and you'll see a to of these degrees disappear.

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I don't even think it needs to be a law. Just stop giving students easy loans/free cash for studying this crap. Banks won't lend you $50,000 to study something that qualifies you to work at starbucks.

Also cut all public funding to departments that don't have a useful private sector job at the end of the pipeline.

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The government, she claimed, see Gender Studies as feminizing men, when in the government’s view men are needed to fight Islamic refugees. And they see the subject as masculinising women so that they don’t want children, undermining Hungary as a bastion against Multiculturalism, and undermining family life.

Hungary knows what's up.

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(((gender studies)))

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Awesome article. Not much I can add. Just advise everyone to read more VDare and Unz. The main thing that needs to be pointed out is that the Gender studies crowd does not want to deconstruct but just to enforce new conventions that everyone else will have to play around and at its very core it is meant to undermine Western identity by going after Gender and essentially the family. They have nothing to base it on.

They can't say its something that is so because things like LGBT is because gender is a social construct or because LGBT is biological/chemical in its origin, because nothing can be rendered to prove this and at best all they can do is than fall back on a kind of a critical theory, where nothing is true or everything is relegated to cultural bias, and say that well because of that we are going to enforce a certain kind of behavior and make everyone follow it and this behavior will become the grounds for a new way of thinking and ultimately perceiving the world.

It exploits a basic flaw of humans, which is the tendency to conflate the intuitiveness of our emotive/reactive faculties with reality or social reality and that we can essentially reverse categories or transition from one category to another. Its not possible and they probably know, but their perception gets so distorted and they lose all sense of common sense that they just live in this world of denial and unreality. I'd say VDare is being awfully generous that the feminist empowerment movement just will keep the West bogged down. Its ultimately a form of upper-echelon, if you want to even call it that(because I don't) third-worldism.

It just puts a kind of quasi-spiritual and progressive face on it when in fact its so empty and delusional/egotistical that it essentially drags down the individual and the individual then feels the need to project back into society and break it down. It has massive negative impacts.

Gender Studies need to go the way of the Dodo Bird, because that is what it is essentially, sending white culture down the way of the Dodo Bird. Its a kind of Dodo Birdism.

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I thought gender studies is a req for a human resources position?

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