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I used to think about stuff like this when I was younger. I did also smoke a lot of weed so that would have a lot to do with it also.

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pot does help you think outside the square (block).

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I smoked too much weed and ruined it. Head full of bad thoughts when I smoke now

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If you travel in time and do not travel in space you are fucked. The Earth has never been remotely close to the same position in outer space twice. It's moving quite cuickly away from where it last was just now. Some say 1/2 the speed of light, DEFINATELY faster than any spaceship the rocket nerds can poop out of their stinky butts.

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This is the resurrection of Time Cube.

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I’ve never heard it described precisely that way, but isn’t this just a basic explanation of space-time? Time only appears to move because we are stuck inside the universe. The only real question is why it appears to only move unidrectionally.

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You perceive it unidirectionally, because if it did move backwards, your memory would be erased.

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Could you say that again?