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It basically boils down to the first and second law of thermodynamics(the first would say that CO2 is not enough to destroy the Ozone because the energies of the Ozone cannot be destroyed; so in a sense it still can impact the Ozone, but cannot destroy it entirely, and if the Ozone was so weak it would have went down during major Meteor impacts 66 million years ago and then finally the chemical makeup of the Ozone layer is going to be at an equilibrium, since the atmosphere is entropic and it goes through reversible change.

The whole global warming argument is an attempt to implement an environmental tax, which would crush corporations(the Sanders bunch), to implement stupid social and political reforms(that would ironically make the environment far worse off), and to create a sort of "doomsday" kind of thinking that is used to crowd people in society.

If they were so legitimately opposed to Global Warming they would be trying to find alternative forms of energy besides than oil. These people are stupid and hypocritical.