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The biosphere of the Earth is a single, living, reactive, self-compensating system. It has shaped the planet we live on -- the reason the Earth is what it is today is because living things made it that way; the reason we have the climate we have is because living things want it that way. Our ecosystem can adjust to changes and can compensate for them. Our optimal percentage of CO2 in the air is certainly higher than what we have today, but the biosphere has compensated by changing the character of the forests and by making animals smaller and lighter, among countless other things too numerous and too complex to mention or even comprehend. Compared to the subtilty of the living Earth, human attempts at "climate engineering" are equivalent to a cave man trying to fix a Swiss watch with a wooden club.

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the reason we have the climate we have is because living things want it that way.

Incorrect. You have it totally backwards. The salinity of the ocean does not change to suit the fish, nor does that kind of mechanism occur anywhere else. Organisms do change their local ecosystem by virtue of existence, but there is no intentional, concerted effort to obtain an intended result. The organisms who cannot thrive in a certain environment or ecosystem die, and the ones that can, survive and reproduce. Living things do not make the entirety of the planet change to their own needs, Nature is the arbiter.

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Living things may make the entire of reality conform to its own needs. See the ANTHROPIC PRINCIPLE for details. Self-aggrandizing non-linear feedback in biosystems is very like a Hamiltonian in classical mechanics. The 19-th Century determinist/random TOE you worship is decades old and miles wrong.