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Does what you say about Dark Matter indicate a Higgs Boson Unified like center of gravity? Wouldn't this be hard to figure out with traditional classical Quantum mechanics, because it could not figure out how things in this realm would exactly function(partly because its some "criss-crossing" flow of indeterminism and determinism mechanization at the subatomic level.

Wouldn't this be the crux of the Grand Unified Theory. Also, even though it can be figured out and approximated quantum-ally(I made that word up) and since you say you have to invent things into your own theories(a good starting point when you are dealing with the non-perceptual/non-intuitively grasped), would not making that logical leap and the logic used to work at the problem be sort of Quantum in its structure.

I am not coming out at it from the perspective of a physicist, which puts me at a deficit, because of the need to understand the mathematics, classical mechanics, and general physical rules/laws, but this is not exactly a classical case and so I am trying to see this as a kind of Russell's paradox(a system that is not included in the set and class of other systems, but is the Union for them and contains them all, simply because it is not class A, B, C but class Omega).