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As a cross validation for genetic studies new DNA results are frequently crosschecked between humans and apes. For the geo-DNA database results there is a very high correlation between human DNA-geolocation and ape DNA-geolocation. This is especially true for Africans. The question simply becomes one of cross referenced markers.

I did not read the study but am offering that other studies do reach your conclusion that their is a high correlation between blacks and specific species of apes and their associated geo-located genetic markers. Regardless if this study provides such information, such information out there does exist.

You might try an ask and see if anyone has the information to which I refer here. It seems on some forum of board several people with a genetics background and access to these databases provided a variety of queries whereby the results high correlated specific African tribes with specific species of apes (maybe monkeys - forget). IIRC, I originally saw it reported here on Voat.