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These were not the results we were looking for.

Nature is racist. And sexist. And in general doesn't give a fuck about your social or political ideology.

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exactly, and your point makes it clear that racism and sexism are positive attributes.... despite what the lieing israel internet army typists lie about..

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Smallpox and deathcaps are natural. That doesn't mean we would necessarily call them good things.

My point is that reality doesn't gaf what we think about it. Racial and sexual differences exist. Pretending otherwise is just asinine.

Of course, the left is pretty good at ignoring reality until it's raping them at gunpoint.

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I do disagree here; game theory for living is absurdly complicated.


That can be applied to any situation where one can be presented with a market. Sexual marketplace absolutely applies, if we're using redpill logic, but I think racism also applies. If you are sexist and racist every time, you generate a world where a like mindset is generated in all your ideological opponents and it actually creates more destruction (and not creation - what Jesus literally and figuratively stands for) in the end.

Careful out there, slugger. Man must conquer the final nature now, it would seem - his own. This won't be easy, but luckily, it appears we still have the power of storytelling to reveal truths gently over the folds of time.

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And suddenly all those anthropologists and sociologists were revealed as psuedoscientists that they are.

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I know who what and where far enough back to know exactly what I am and it's all white.

bunch of retards seem to be having jealous fits about whiteness and public temper tantrums over it.


Suck it bitches. If you aren't white, you're never gonna be white.

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Oh, that pesky reality, creeping in to disrupt our beautiful liberal fantasy narrative once again.

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That headline is giving me cancer you halfwit.

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Summarizing, Slate: DNA testing is not scientific.

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The idea that ethnicity is a social construct and that it has nothing to do with biology is really insane.