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The way their Pyramids were used sounds very similar to how Sumerian pyramids were used(a part would be used by merchants, another for administration, and usually the upper points by priests and scholars(they were usually aligned with the priestly class). I think one can make an argument for general line of continuity from ancient Maya/Incan cultures through Egypt to Sumeria to archaic China. All these cultures had Pyramids and Sarcophagus of some sorts.

I wonder why anthropologists have not looked into this more. I think it points to some ur-culture(the perennial philosophy advocated by some British Fascists), but also generally and possibly a diffusion of some great culture throughout wide areas of the world. People who have not read about the Soultrean culture should.

They are considered linked with Native Americans, but in fact share no real genetic connections but are more like Balts who have ancient connections to Siberia(which is where Baltic derives from originally going back to proto-Ma'lta boy). The question is what is this mysterious culture that diffused all these base cultural patterns and mid-level civilizations. I highly recommend reading Forbidden Archaeology. People have hypothesized that Atlantis disappeared 10,000 years ago after the Last Glacial Maximum when a whole bunch of ice would have melted and flooded large portions of Atlantis(and possibly Atlantis was possibly frozen and the earth was sort of uneven which led to a massive subduction earthquake that split a fragile continent up with only islands remaining in the end. Of course, traces of such an event could possibly lie deep in the Atlantic Ocean.

Its interesting that Atlantis was considered a mortal enemy of the Greeks. Greek culture that far back would have been a fusion of indigenous European, Aurignacian, and something Mesolithic(possibly some influences from Anatolia and the Western Steppes). Could these cultures be modeled after the Hyperboreans of Ancient Greek legend? If anything it is possible but just like Greek mythology is a watered down and "retained" version of the ways of the Hyperborean "godmen" which got infected with the fleeting spiritual materialism of Eastern pastoralists and the attempt to deanthropomorphize and spiritualize the anthropic so as to revolt against the naturalistic presentism and "limited" eternalism of the ancient Hyperboreans. I don't think these offshoots of the ancient Hyperboreans were so great. Its ironic that those anti-Hyperborean cultures, such as the Greeks and to a lesser Romans were so successful and productive.

Obviously, because they did not get caught up in the pseudo-mysticism and spiritual mysticism/slave mentality/strict hierarchical structure of the "Aryan" cultures stretching from China to Mesoamerica. What were the ways and mysticism of the ancient Hyperboreans(our ancestors)? Obviously, they were a simple, refined, and pragmatic people those chose to remain to themselves and cultivate a relationship with nature(proof found in the complex horticulturalist culture in Northern Europe). We will never find that mystical element, but it lies deep within. Listen to your intuition, adhere to logic, follow the sirens of nature(which the materialized Greeks considered dangerous). The present in its immanence is eternal and in its transcendence pertains to the mechanism of nature's generating powers. Most of all consider society as corrupting of that inner nature and pursuit of higher orders of reality.

We live in a culture that embraces the Whore of Babylon and which has become a lost Hyperborean(it has quintessentially become Byzantine, something the Romans were destined to become). Resist the mechanics and passions of the Roman, but always be mindful that his values and emphasis on virtue were heroic(misguided perhaps; but not split between tragedy and comedy like the ancient Greeks), that he was pragmatic in his own right towards all affairs of society(to a fault, but encourage this on an individual level), and that he was self-contained and had a stoic understanding of reality(we control one part of reality through simple action and the fates decide other aspects; emphasize the the ancient Germanic emphasis on control of reality through internal will and self-mastery).

The age of the great civilizational complex from Mesoamerica to China is ending and will be replaced by the Whore of Babylon, if we are not careful. The Russians are the new heirs of the ancient Romans, the Chinese the Greeks, the Japanese, the Hittites, and the Koreans, the Phoenicians/Carthaginians. The Whore of Babylon is a culture that thinks it can defrock and destroy the ways of the Hyperboreans, keep an elitist veneer of this society's complex, bow down to the death and phallic cults, and combine all the elements of the ancient "Aryans" into one general society.

This mentality subverted the Greeks(Spartans and Periclean Athens) and the Romans(albeit more so the Eastern Roman Empire than the Western Empire). Our adoration of Greco-Roman culture will make us vulnerable to falling victim to the same problems that infiltrated the Greeks and most especially the Romans(the lost Hyperboreans).