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These are dirt mounds. This "mystery" of pyramids in china was debunked shortly after their sensational news for profit occurred. There are exactly zero notable pyramids in china, they are dirt mounds.

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It's a type of pyramid. You should visit the one near St Louis. It's pretty impressive. You can walk to the top and get a sense for how immense it is.

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Ok, but there's a significant difference between dirt mound pyramids and real pyramids build as a structured... structure... one requires great intelligence and planning the other requires the intelligence of an ant and is not wondrous.

funny the ant thing just came up because i always say that asians are like ants because they stay busy and work, but I don't think the rumors about intelligence are true. I went to a university with chinese and exactly zero of them ever struck me as smart. also, i know PhDs on the ground in asia and they're IQ research clocks asian average IQ around 80-85, right there with negros. Also, the supposed intelligent asians come from areas that have known european blood or the european-esc Anui/Jomon genes.