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As long as not as a single one of them bares any resemblance to the Costner one, we are good.

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I liked the premise of that movie but I like any post apocalyptic premise of any movie or TV show unless it's the drama walking dead fuck that gay ass show.

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Thank you. We need more stuff like this on Voat.

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No we don’t. This is all fake news bullshit.

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Hopefully, there's not a Kevin Costner on each one.

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Proof for me that the only real commodity in the vastness of space is intelligence. I always thought that invading alien movies were bullshit bc resources are abundant, turns out I'm right

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Would also explain why we have not yet — and probably never will be contacted by life that is MORE intelligent than us. I suspect all extraterrestrial encounters are a one way street: advanced intelligence finds oblivious inferior intelligence -> nothing to be gained by interacting -> advanced intelligence moves on. Since it’s so unlikely that two civilizations would be at the exact same technological stage at the same time, this scenario would play out in >99% of all encounters.

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That doesn't mean that will always be the case or that it is the case for every hubble sphere of the universe.

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As the Predator movies show, there are scenarios where intelligence is a commodity worth invading for.

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Why do you think intelligence is a commodity? Evolutionary theory posits that survival and reproduction are really the only two true motivations in living beings, and sharks, crocodiles have been doing that pretty successfully for 10s of millions of years despite largely lacking in intelligence. Some plant species have been around even longer despite lacking even consciousness, never mind intelligence. We're the most intelligent species of which we are aware, do you think we'll still be here in 100m years?

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You have to use dream ships to get there, alas.

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Mathematically ridiculous that we would be only life in universe.

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I am now rooting for the eyeball planet to win everything.

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And Kevin Costner is the One True Emperor of them all.

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