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With some hope, scientists can one day find your micro-organ as well.

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I thought they would talk more about that micro-organ and less about vaccination propaganda.

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and why not talk about iodine sufficiency, considering iodine is a huge element in the human immune system, meanwhile 100% of Americans are iodine deficient, many serverly... or is it because they embrace iodine deficiency because it causes a weakened immune system and a reason to inject more illogical vaccinations!

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Not so much a whole new organ just an auxiliary portion of the lymph nodes.

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I am drunk, but let's break this down a bit. This author has no clue what he is talking about.

These SPFs appear to work like biological headquarters for planning a counter-attack to infection.

Okay, all creatures have this. It is called the immune system.

These SPFs only appear when the mice immune systems are fighting off infections that have been encountered before.

Exactly what I learned in the 80s about what an immune system does. You are not telling my anything new, hon.

What's more, the researchers detected SPFs in human lymph nodes too, suggesting our bodies react in the same way.

Holy fuck, our immune system does the same thing? Stop the presses.

To put it bluntly, if your immune system takes too long to assemble the tools to fight the infection, you die.

I give up. Seriously? Vomit. This is so retarded, then they go immediately into vaccinations. Yeah, Polio bad, twenty other things might be bad defending against.

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That's beyond me. I ain't no bio guy. Maybe you should have written the article to make it clearer?

You ever here of the Gell-Mann amnesia effect?

E: Ain't trying to be a dick. Might seem that way.

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any system has many component parts

i guess we don't need to know more about those parts

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The whole is greater than the sum of the parts. Unless you are talking to a liberal.

Example: We are just organisms with no greater thought, just chemicals moving around the brain.
Counter point: We are just atoms. Atoms are not alive, therefore, we are not alive.

I hate liberals. Grin.

E: Reductio ad absurdum or some shit like that.

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I am drunk, but let's break this down a bit.

You certainly were. Which is why your comment missed the point: that the well-known immune system activities take place in a tissue that is hard to observe and not previously described.

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Could you have written the article better for a layman?

E: Which is my secondary point.

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Makes you wonder if SPFs are responsible for inflammatory diseases. Do steroids put them to sleep?

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Which part of reality are they missing? The world doesn't need more immunity.

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You'll be singing a different tune when the Spanish Flu 2.0 hits your community.

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A discovery for the future. I read about the human immune system during my Nurse practitioner program. It surely is going to be very helpful for us all in the future.

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Article is full of lies, misinformation and agenda pushing. The original article is questionable, and there is no such thing as "a micro-organ", but the research hasn't even identified an organelle.

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