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If youre not home to check on it, do you consider your cat dead, alive, or both?

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I guess it depends on the pizza you got while complaining about your life.

E: You just say mean things too much. I wish you the best.

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Mang im a say what you gotta say and get over it kind of guy. I like people who call me a complete cunt one day and have a decent joke with me the next. Because theyre right, i am.

That being said even ive got some heavy reasons for starting to seriously dial it back....

And i also to wish yourself the best of luck!

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He's dead unless we are in a Stephen King novel.

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I can understand why the physics joke went over the normies heads...

But the 'physicist' has kept well away from it.

Worst. AMA. Ever.

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Here's my questions:

By what mechanism does quantum entanglement work?

Can you explain why the double slit experiment behaves as it does depending on observation?

These 2 things confuse me.

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(Bear with me, it gets more understandable as you go along. I suggest reading this twice.)

Quantum entanglement is the name we give to the discrepancy between our assumption that every single object is uniquely identifiable and the reality that certain particles are indistinguishable. To make this more concrete, all particles of the same type arise from the same underlying quantum field. That means that each and every electron is perfectly identical to each and every other electron. It's not just identical in the sense that two coins are minted to look the same, they are so identical that the universe ends up exactly the same if two of them were to switch places.

This has far-reaching consequences that are difficult to get into in a short comment, but let's focus on entanglement for now. If two electrons interact with each other, that interaction must respect that interchangeability symmetry. That may sound restricting, but it also allows for some werid effects like distributing charge, spin, momentum, etc across the two particles without being able to clearly distinguish which electron is carrying exactly how much of these quantities. This is what we mean when we say that two electrons are entangled. You no longer have "electron 1" and "electron 2", you have two electrons. Their combined existence becomes indivisible. So when this happens you can only speak of the properties of this combined object of two electrons, and any attempt to speak of the properties of one vs the other will be a classical approximation that leaves out important quantum information.

This entanglement, this combined state can survive physical separation. If you entangle two electrons, their combined state can be stretched until the mass and charge is separated in space, and you can state fairly sensibly that about 1 electron's worth of mass and charge is in one location, and about 1 electron's worth of mass and charge is in another location. But their spin state is still combined, entangled, undivisible. They will have a total spin state, but you cannot speak of the spin state of either one separately. This is where we come back to the notion of a quantum field. The total spin state of the quantum field is well-defined, but that's all you can say.

Now when you measure the spin state of one of these fragments of the entangled pair, you will collapse their combined wave function and force them to become two separate entities. At the very instant you do this, you no longer have an entangled pair, you genuinely have two separate electrons. One here, one there. Because the total spin state was determined beforehand, this means that the final spin states of thes two particles will be correlated. The specific form of this correlation depends on the total spin state and how you measure the spin states of each fragment. We've verified that this correlation always holds. The quantum field ensures that the totals check out. But remember that this is a correlation, a total tally, not a signal being sent from one to the other. The measurement collapses the wave function, it breaks the entanglement, but it does not and can not enforce a certain state upon one or either of the particles.

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It's all in how you look at it. (comment intended partially as a joke).

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I'll take one from the Material Science category please:

What was the cause of the towers collapsing?

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To explain the collapse, it was proposed that viscoplastic buckling of heated and overloaded columns caused the top part of tower to fall through the height of at least one story, and then showed that the kinetic energy of the impact on the lower part must have exceeded the energy absorption capacity of the lower part by an order of magnitude. A meticulous investigation of unprecedented scope and detail, conducted by S. Shyam Sunder’s team at the National Institute of Standards and Technology, supports this explanation. Although NIST did not analyze the overall process of dynamic progressive collapse below the fire zone, it verified a sequence of effects that triggered the collapse: (1) scraping of much of steel insulation by flying objects during aircraft impact without which the towers would not have collapsed, as concluded by NIST; (2) cutting of many columns, and damage with large deflections of others during aircraft impact; (3) subsequent load redistributions among columns; (4) sagging of heated floor trusses and their catenary action, evidenced by multistory inward bowing of perimeter columns; and (5) viscoplastic buckling of heated, damaged, and overloaded columns.


These conclusions show the allegations of controlled demolition to be absurd and leave no doubt that the towers failed due to gravity-driven progressive collapse triggered by the effects of fire.


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So you believe NIST regarding Tower 7?

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If you believe heat from burning fuel caused the building to collapse, get rid of your dangerous furnace because it will be a molten mess in your basement.

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You are not a physicist. If you believe three buildings, on the same day, all fell due to fire then you are just gullible.

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Physics background here..
The towers were demolished using military level termite.
Probably coming from one of the companies that was actually hit in these towers.

There is no other way falling towers can achieve near free fall speeds, including tower 7. It also explains why we can fires burning under water at the site, and many other details that can be found. Like the corrosive fire damage on the steel beams of the towers.

The NIST report is a total fraud and has been going against every scientific principle. On architects and engineers there are some good videos that explain into every detail how the NIST is completely false, and what the correct conclusion would be.

This is not all. The pilots for 911 truth also found that the remaining parts of the airplanes in the towers are not of the same airplanes that left the airports. The planes could also reach higher speeds, and were probably military variants. The pentagon plane even did a very acrobatic maneuver. If you follow the route, you can see how the planes could have been switched at places where the public radar coverage was absent. At 9/11 there were also hijacking exercises going on, but the tapes and the data of the control towers were destroyed. The airplanes that could intercept the planes were held down. And the pentagon missile-defense system was somehow down too.

Some "hijackers" were found alive, and some undamaged passwords were found. And in the airplanes where military personal that could easily have beaten the hijackers to shit. The office that gave them access to the US were overruled from higher-up as they first were not given entry as they were reported as possible terrorists.

The hit on the pentagon and the fall of tower7 destroyed all administration and backups of the pentagon's money-trail. So trillions of dollars have disappeared. That together with the billions of insurance money, and billions of illegal trading. In the WTC there was also a meeting going on for a trail that might have put one major player into prison. But the player was somewhere else, due to "luck".

There was clearly foreknowledge by team Mossad, that was present near the WTC buildings with their cameras. They were dancing when the planes hit the building. And they had painted the twin buildings on their van, together with a plane striking it. Team Mossad was also present in the twin-towers when they were doing "art", where they made photographs of people that seemed to have jumped out of the towers. And they had boxes with demolition cables in it. During the weeks and weekend that "they" were working on the elevators, the buildings have been prepared for demolition. I don't know how much they "did the job", but the CIA often uses other agencies to interfere in their own country.

Now back to the demolition of the towers. It is very very hard to do demolitions and to make a building fall into its own footprint. But let's assume that the impact had damage the towers so much that they would fall. Then the top would have fallen off. The steel frame was build to withstand a lot, even plane impacts and bomb attacks. Both also happened. To destroy these, one must damage each structure-connection with a lot of energy. In the fall this energy would be visible in the speed of the fall. But if we look at the fall speed, there is no loss of speed, so there are no connections to be broken. And if no connections are to be broken, it means that they were already broken. And as the building falls, parts of the building are ejected from it. So this means that even more energy is needed in the demolition. And as it falls you can see remains "burning" and falling apart. This only happens with demolitions. And thermite even makes it so hot that molten steel comes out of the building at different places. Note: the fuel of the plane was mostly burned up when the towers fell. The fire had almost stopped burning. The firemen who are specialized in fires, saw that the smoke had changed and the kerosene had finished burning. A lot of the kerosene was burned up when they impacted the buildings, and most of it stayed around the fire. There was no reason for any other parts of the enormous steel tower to be affected by it. Steel is a very good conductor of heat, and the temperature away from the fire can not have been very high. If you look at other steel structures on fire, that burned for a day, you can see that steel structures can withstand heat very well and do not really weaken as a whole.

Well. This is just a tip of the iceberg of evidence for demolition and other weird stuff. The 911 architects and engineers have explained this in a much better way. https://www.ae911truth.org/

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Could you recommend any books to someone who might be interested in quantum computation?

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If you’re interested in Quantum try this book. It was my text in grad school for Physical Chemistry. It’s a great book.

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I've used that book as well. I wouldn't give it 5 stars but its better than most. My favorite was David Griffiths' though.

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I can't, sorry. My knowledge of quantum computing is superficial at best.

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Thanks anyway.

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People please upvoat The_Cat's posts he is putting a lot of effort into this.

Also downvoat all the stupid questions.

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Who the fuck made you ring-master?

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It's in the rules of life. Page 345 , paragraph 4.

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Thanks. I think you might appreciate this one.

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What can you tell me about infinity? What do you think about the theories surrounding black holes? Where's the missing matter and energy from the universe?

What are you working on right now?

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What can you tell me about infinity?

It's big.

What do you think about the theories surrounding black holes?

Which ones specifically?

Where's the missing matter and energy from the universe?

Nobody knows.

What are you working on right now?

Something about the Earth's core, I can't be more specific before the paper is published.

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Something about the Earth's core

Do aliens live deep underground? Say it ain't so!

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What about different types of infinite?

Any of the theories concerning black holes.

Do you think the polarity of the earth's magnetic field is going to switch?

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I'm a mathematician, retired. Infinity is one of my favorite subjects and I can answer quite a few questions.

The first notion is that infinity is a concept, a philosophy. Infinities have never been observed in reality. There is even a finite amount of matter in the universe. The universe is huge, but it is not large enough to contain anything infinite. Nothing can be split into an infinite number of parts.

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But what about the number of numbers between 0 and 1

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Ever had to deal with Chinesium?

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This typical leftist faggot calling himself a physicist is actually creating multiple accounts and down voting opposition to himself . What a fucking loser

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The "solid state material science physicists" at harbor freight say it's just sand or resin coated in or mixed with metal. Just buy a shears and break it in two on your knee to verify.

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Is that the a by-product of ChloriOxidePhosphate-SulphideEuropeumYttrium?

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Can you explain to me how to visualize particles as waves?

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The first (and hardest) thing to do is to stop dividing the world into particles and waves. While this distinction makes sense classicaly, it no longer holds in quantum mechanics. You can consider quantum mechanics to be a unification between particles and waves, much like electromagnetism unifies electricity and magnetism. Quantum objects have particle properties and wave properties, but are neither particles nor waves, they are something the encompasses both concepts. Even saying that are both particles and waves, or sometimes behave as one and sometimes as the other puts too much emphasis on this dichotomy which no longer exists in the quantum realm.

To get an intuitive feeling for these objects, I suggest you play in a bath tub. Try to create localized disturbance under water, little waves that move and disperse without being too noticeable on the surface. You can even give them spin if you want, just try stuff. Real "particles" (quantum objects) are much the same way. They are a kind-of-localized disturbance in a quantum field, carrying energy, momentum and spin from one place to another. And the properties of that field determine how these particles behave and can be influenced by forces.

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I generally find it useful to explain that "particle" and "wave" are terms that simply refer to models describing the behavior and movement of something. Duality is simply the claim that there are cases where the same thing may be best described sometimes by one model and other times by the other. An electron doesn't have a dual nature, it has a single nature. Our old models are simply insufficient to describe that nature.

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This is going to continue to vex me, just like imagining a four dimensional sphere.

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