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united kingdom

They're toddlers. 💁

Strong Thermal Emission Velocity Enhancement

Still retarded.

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i kind of like the name 'Seven'

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Before anyone here decides they "Have the answer <insert stupid conspiracy theory here>"... No... You are wrong.

It's Sasquatch.

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No, it's Steve. It says so right there in the title even. It can't be a sasquatch because who the fuck ever heard of a sasquatch named Steve?

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OK, you asked for it... A Sasquatch named Steve

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Not far off! It’s a homing device and the Sasquatch is the one from the 6 million dollar man!

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https://archive.fo/YPyuH :

Mysterious ribbons of light dubbed 'Steve' are not auroras, after all, scientists say | Daily Mail Online

'In the latest study, researchers analyzed a STEVE event that occurred over eastern Canada on March 28, 2008. '

'A new study, however, has determined that this is not the case; according to the researchers, STEVE is the result of different atmospheric processes, making it an entirely distinct phenomenon. '

'Initial research suggested the lights, which have come to be known as STEVE, may be a type of aurora, though slightly different than the ones we’re used to. '

'This type of light event appears closer to the equator than a normal aurora. '

'Unlike a traditional aurora, which is produced as electrons and protons pour into the ionosphere, the researchers found there were no charged particles associated with the STEVE event. '

This has been an automated message.

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It's not new, and the ancients recorded their existence in the past.

during the grand solar minimum expect the frequency and intensity of "steve" to increase.

We live in an electric universe, and when our magnetosphere is diminished due to decreased sunspot activity, all sorts of things are going to happen.

cloud seeding by cosmic rays being another

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Dubbed Steve

fucken..... what? was it discovered with a telescope built by bazza and davo out of VB cans or some shit?


"Fark davo! Thats fucken fully sick mate! What ya gonna call it?"

"Fucken... STEVE"

adds it to his list of things hes called steve

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An atmospheric event we know virtually nothing about, you say? Sounds like the scientific community needs to get together and declare a consensus that STEVE are actually scary bad things caused directly from a severe lack of Communism and Sub-Saharan Africans in historically white countries.

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Sudden Temporary Enviornmental Variation Escalataions.

I can’t back that up.

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no no, its a round ball of water spinning at 1,000mph. they've been making shit up since before nasa. you idiots thing they put a human on the moon. hahahaha

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