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as usual the actual study says something a bit different


A study of coral core ­samples has extended the known history of bleaching by more than 350 years but warns it is becoming more frequent and may be ­approaching a “tipping point” ­beyond which reef survival is ­uncertain.


“Bleaching has been occurring on the GBR at least during the last four centuries, and has increased 10 per cent in prevalence since the 1790s,” the paper says.

actual study


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As someone who's taken graduate courses in marine bio and dealt specifically with corals, I'll say this: coral life is very sensitive to a number of things (relative to other life), one of them being slight pH changes. CO2 has been getting sequestered more and more in the oceans, which increases the pH, and is speculated to cause coral bleaching. That part hasn't been nailed down yet, but we do know that corals don't get along well with higher concentrations of CO2 entering into the ocean chemistry cycle.

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Ha ha, you fags and your coral, here in Australia, we dump industrial chemicals and farming runoff on 'em and drive massive cargo ships all fuckin through 'em, if the cucked (((UNESCO))) tries to stop us, we veto that shit, no shitty fags will call our reefs "in danger"! Then if they die, we blame the carbon dioxides and the glow ball warmings, not local governments fault at all FUCK OFF WE'RE FULL!!!

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Australia = no guns = dying nation : /

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Corals are dieing from pollution. If you ever tried to grow coral, they are extremely sensitive.

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I think any reasonable person can agree pollution is bad so why push the idea of impending doom from global warming only to be proven wrong again and again?

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The emission of carbon is a necessity of practically every economic activity. Ecocommies want to control carbon as a backway into controlling the economy and, by extension, all mankind.

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Everything is extremely sensitive in a fishtank: It's a tiny volume of water, so even small amounts of pollutants have a huge effect. The same is not true of the oceans, if corals were that sensitive they would no longer exist.

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so the reports of the Great barrier Reef dying are over inflated.

Is there any damage at all? If there is, is it increasing or decreasing?

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So it's safe to say climate change is the new god of the gaps

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The new push is that sunscreen is killing corals. That's quite convenient.

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Gee, I wonder what ethnic group that will affect the most.

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Maybe whites should have stayed in cold regions where only they could survive. Kind of like 24-hour chemotherapy.

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The tests that show sunscreen killing coral would be easy to reproduce. Make a aquarium with a known volume of water. Grow coral in said aquarium. Once it is established and doing well add small amounts of sunscreen and watch for damage or slowed growth, lower Co2 uptake, lowered O2 production. You can easily graph the amount of sunscreen per volume of water that damages the coral. That is basic marine biology experiments for masters/doctorate programs.

So lets get down to Ocean warming...How big is the Ocean? How deep down does the Ocean go before all the Temperatures are pretty evened out? Turns out not that far. The thermal incline can shift some but for the vast majority of the ocean the temperature is fairly stable and the amount of energy needed to raise the temperature over the whole ocean is emense... Corals live in the photic zone and can stretch out down pretty deep. Way past the point of the water even being affected much raising temperatures at the surface due to increases solar radiation. Those same corals have lived all over the oceans and will repopulated the danger zones over time. Or the damaged zones. Conclusion there will always be coral and the only coral in danger is due to being in HUMAN IMPACT ZONES. Which was stated previously by other posters sarcasticaly and not.

I have had this debate in Marine Bio classes and even the Leftist Marxist Evergreen Professor agreed. The part they did not agree on was public relations. He thought the humans were doing so much damage over all that it was better to lie to them and propagandize them for their own good and the good of the environment. I argue that propagandizing the little person and ignoring the big businesses was our major problem. That has to do with the American political system and favoring corporations over little people. Corporations are doing damge on scales that little people take much much longer to do. For example Monsanto produces billions of tons of pesticides a year. They have done more damage to the environment than you can shake a stick at but they also donate beavily to politicians and get away with it.

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Ignoring the triple meltdown that has been leaking radioactive waste upstream from the great barrier reef for seven years.

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Hey, OP, do you, like, not read the articles cited? The paper itself points out past El Nino's warming periods as being correlated with mass die-offs. How about you stop being a fucking retard and get your news from the source instead of getting it from yet another retard with the same agenda as you?

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He's a known spammer. This is the only website he posts on here, his account has almost no comments, and he has massive blatant vote manipulation.

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This explains everything. Thanks, goat bro.

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Like, oh my God, like that's like, soooooo bitchin, like come on op.

You are a faggot.

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The lies & lies & lies & lies & lies & lies can't be just be attributed to incompetent science with no standards

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Ocean acidification, actually. Not climate change.

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I've heard it attributed to global warming enough, but always via the intermediary claim that it makes the oceans more acidic which then causes all sorts of badness.

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Our oceans act as a carbon sink. That's where most of the atmospheric carbon goes to--not the air. Then it makes carbonic acid. Reason it's bad is it affects shell-type animals (bottom food chain)

Then again a warming ocean will actually release CO2. Is the CO2-induced greenhouse effect warming the oceans, or are the oceans warming up and releasing CO2? Think about that one!

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Yeah I've never heard of coral bleaching being attributed to global warming, usually water pollution.

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