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It's not a pseudoscience. It's biology.

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It's niggers.

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Too bad he got Ancestry.com and the like involved. Lots of bullshit DNA results from there. And forgetting the influential part of religion, especially the social cohesion within mudslimes and Jews.

Otherwise, a basic overview for newbs.

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Do people really dispute the fact that there is different races?

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They do, its fucking retarded

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Don't let them fool you. They think they can get "Trump supporters" mad enough to induce violence.

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We're fucked, the stupidity and lies are incredibly audacious, violence is easily justfiable. Look at the straw ban, people need to be physically threatened now to curtail this insanity.

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Not so innocuous plug for 23 and me

Get this shit out of here

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jared taylor has good info on the subject imo, he is still a race traitor gook with kike kids and a kike wife tho.

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I can't wait for this to go mainstream when Europe erupts :P

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