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nothing to do with an abnormally quiet solar cycle at all. what so ever. shh. 1 2

Ruh roh doesnt match 'carbon tax' curing 'global warming' 'man made' 'scientific concensus agreed climate change causing everything to get hot' and totally wasnt predicted a decade ago....

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Why don't they show a graph of global temperatures for the last 50 years that shows this "unexplained" cooling. The only graph they have is one made by someone who never successfully completed 5th grade math that shows a trendline as if the x-axis is time, but it's not time.

EDIT - This is why they don't have that graph, because it makes it clear that describing the recent cooling as something contrary to global warming is plainly idiotic when accompanied by such a graph.

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Why don't you show a graph for the last ten thousand years that shows this unheard of warming?

This is why you don't have that graph. Because it makes it clear that describing the recent warming as unprecedented is plainly idiotic when accompanied by such a graph.

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You got the data for that? Last I heard tree rings and other methodologies for extrapolating temperatures were ruled invalid by climate skeptics. I'm assuming this data is independent of those invalid techniques.

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Faggots downvoting you for calling out the cunt on doing the very thing he was bitching about.

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You can see the massive spike at the end... That correlates with human carbon emission and mass deforestation. Climate change isn't concerning for earth, its a concern for the current life. All those major climate shifts come with extinction. You are literally helping his case.

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Lmao you must be blind. You can see a huge jump almost straight up right around the industrial revolution. That's not how the previous warming periods work even according to your own graph LOLOLOLOL

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There are climatologists who have said before each ice age, from what they can tell, there is a short uptick in temperature before it drops. Buy coats fellow goats

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build underground homes would be better in my mind.

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"build underground homes, my fellow goat-gnomes"

catchier that way :)

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This is normal for a planet undergoing climate change... highs are hotter and lows are colder year by year. Not rocket science.

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AL gore has a beach house

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Al gore's beach house has a beach house.

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AL gore is vegan. Need I say more ?

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Hell I was just reading a couple of months ago how the sun was coming out of a strong period where it was burning stronger and now was entering a cooling cycle so the earth would be cooling also. I thought scientists were supposed to check on this stuff before telling people they have no idea. I swear scientists are becoming dumber "less common sense" all the time in recent years.

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Grand Solar Minimum

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Maybe you are starting to realize these so called scientists are just modern conmen.

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arizona has cross-sky lightning, first time observed with this level of intensity here

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This is well known, just hidden in favor of global warming nonsense

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Please tax my carbon. Paris agreement shit. bonus points for not having white children and going vegan.

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