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imagine if the world actually gave a fuck about what they are destroying in the amazon. how much hidden treasure and history being devastated so more slums can eventually be built to house the peasants.

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Humans are an invasive species

Eradicate them

Exterminate them

Take no prisoners

Creamate them

......just kidding, a little MEGADETH never hurt anyone

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I wonder how much genetic distinction between each of the 30,000 species there are? More than between Caucasians and Africans?

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People say about Voat and Bitchute and Minds and all the alt platforms: "I like this platform, but I don't like how politicized it is."

M****fuer, are you paying attention???

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https://www.imgoat.com/uploads/988c7f88eb/136400.jpg I bet they've find a ton of orekids if they looked in Tony Rodham's Haitian goldmine.

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This isn't really a big deal. It's unknown to those who don't work in biology or taxonomy, but new species/subspecies are being discovered and named all the time. There are still a ridiculous number of them out their that haven't been documented.

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Thanks Debbie!

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Its still an orchid. Not new, just adapted.

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Wrong. It's a blood orchid, we have to assemble a team to retrieve from giant anacondas.

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Exactly. These trannies want everyone thinking theres a zillion species of everything. Not true at all...

Killer Seven posts nothing but fake 'science' (seance) stuff all day.