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It's not a planet, it's a brown dwarf star.

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Thats no brown dwarf! Thats a spacestation!

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It weighs in at just below the cutoff, making it a supermassive gas giant(ie, planet) instead.

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It is a "dwarf" planet because it does not orbit the Sun.

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Nibiru and wormwood come to mind.

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Except this piece of shit is 20 mother-fucking lightyears away.

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It has many other names: Nemesis, Destroyer, Great Perturber, Marduk, Planet of Passing, 12th Planet, King of the Heavens, Our Sun's Twin, Great Heavenly Body, Winged Globe, Apep, Companion Star, Seth, Typhon, Celestial Lord Shiva, God of Destruction, Gung-gung, Great Black Dragon, Great Red Dragon, Great Phoenix, Yahweh, Doomsday Twin, Celestial Quetzalcoatl, Tzoltze ek, Lucifer, Fiery Messenger, Great Star, His Star (Edgar Cayce), Great Comet, Comet of Doom, most recently "Tyche, the kinder and more gentle 10th planet". It is another very large mass that is affecting our planet gravitationally.

An early English prophet named Mother Shipton, called this thing "The Fiery Dragon." It was the name she gave as seen from her second sight. Before they demoted Pluto, our solar systems "10th Planet" is "X". Planet X - and yes its is most likely a Brown Dwarf.

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They are coming...

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How come planets end up alone and without a star just floating out there.

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Collisions with other space shit knocking them out of whack, forming too far from their sun and having too much mass and speed for the gravity of their sun to hold so being sling-shoted into the wider cosmos. Being too hip for the room so slipper-sliding off to become their own planet and carve out their own groove, free from the tyrany of the gay arsed, pozzed up solar system they were unfortunate enough to be born from. Maybe they left to find you, the truth is unclear.

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Leave the science to the professionals, you left out the most likely cause: op's momma was so fat her gravity pulled the poor planet out of orbit of its own solar system.

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They may have born that way. 2 stars getting close could eject some gas enough to form a planet. The other thing may be one star that comes close enough to eject one of the existing planets.

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By getting ejected from their birth systems, such as by a passing star or just forming with an unstable orbit.

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They're faggot voat users who sit in a dark basement with bed sheets nailed over the windows who blame all the Chad planets for treating women like shit and getting them addicted to the abuse. They also end up offing themselves by age 25 usually.

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https://archive.fo/WInja :

Massive rogue planet with unexplained aurora glow discovered drifting far beyond our solar system | The Independent

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Preferably porn signals!

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Hey large planet We are looking for a good time with a girl that has alot of easily harvestable matter.

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Maybe James Blish got it right in "Cities in Flight"

It's probably the alien equivalent of the planet "He"

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Very good

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