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They are increasingly trying to forge the opinion that breast feeding is actually unnatural. The economic world doesn't want breast fed babies because breast fed babies don't feed on their powdered slop. Breast feeding mothers are less likely to be back at work bringing in those sweet tax dollars.
Hospitals also do a piss poor job of helping new mothers breast feed. Most mothers will quit trying after a few weeks and nobody is there to encourage them to keep doing it. Yes your child will, at a few points be screaming for more milk than you can produce. No this is not a reason for you to quit and go for the formula. Yes, your body will adjust and up the production of milk.
Lack of breastfeeding is the result of a cultural shift away from natural mothering and a female population that is lazy and just wants the ease of a formula fed baby who is nice and quiet because they are all doped and fattened up on formula.

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They used to have at least one grandma there to help them figure it out. The instruction book all babies came with.

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Many hospitals have lactation specialists now to help instruct first time mothers on breastfeeding.

Some babies have difficulty learning and some moms have inverted or otherwise difficult to feed from nipples.

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Do you have kids? Because pretty much everything you said in your first few sentences is exactly contradictory to my experience. Our prenatal care doctor encouraged my wife and I to attend a class on breastfeeding from a lactation specialist. The on-staff nurses helped our baby to latch and helped my wife figure out breastfeeding. Immediately after birth our daughter was quickly weighed then put on Mom's chest for skin-to-skin contact and breastfeeding; in fact it might not have been in that order (it was a long night/morning), but I know she was with Mom immediately after birth. My wife only had 12 weeks of leave, but she was allowed to pump at work. All of the medical literature and our doctors sang praises about breastfeeding.

There was so much pressure to keep breastfeeding between the literature and doctors that my wife breastfed well in to our daughter's first year. Like, they tried to be encouraging if you couldn't keep up or whatever, but there was definitely a lot of information about all of the benefits of breastfeeding to the point that there was certainly pressure to keep doing it. Maybe that experience isn't universal, but it's not hard to find information about all the benefits of breastfeeding > formula.

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The economic world doesn't want breast fed babies because breast fed babies don't feed on their powdered slop. Breast feeding mothers are less likely to be back at work bringing in those sweet tax dollars.

Hooray capitalism!

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Paying taxes is the opposite of capitalism. Dont blame the market for the failures of statism.

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Lmfao capitalism doesn't exist anywhere on Earth anymore. At least not on a macro level.

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In what universe do you live? This is the opposite of what is being advocated right now.

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That's because the hospitals take the newborn away to start jabbing them with needles almost immediately.

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Don't forget they also have a habit of slicing up the genitals of newborn males.

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Not my kids.

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And then selling the clippings to some cosmetics company to make some kind of ointment or something for their big ass noses.

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I rejected all of that stuff for my second child. You have to be vigilant and the doctors will come tell you how it's likely your baby will die because you refused their hepatitis shots and satanic blood rituals.

Moronic doctors dont know what to do besides follow their orders and shame people who dont put up with their bullshit.

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Oh, we did that with the first. The other two were done with a midwife.

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My wife breastfed both of ours, probably why they're not unstable retards like most kids these days.

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Ha ha ha, good one... Breastfeeding is the best way to go, not only do the children come out WAY better because of it, but you (woman) end up healing faster, looking way better, and its just very beneficial on all parts, even hubby loves it too. ;) Also breastfeeding is a natural way to control pregnancies that we're not yet ready for.

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Maybe all of the auto immune disorders people have these days are from all the VACCINES they are injecting into people. Vaccines contain all sorts of satanic ingredients and of course contain things that make your immune system freak out.

Doesnt take a genius to put two and two together but sheeple trust their lab coats

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You're an idiot.

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I was talking to a WOMAN nutritionist about this and she siad, "But theres all that fat in breastmilk"

IM like wtf... yeah of course, your brain is made up of mostly fat so you need fat to feeed it.

I cant even....

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Scientists wanted to know what the best diet for humans was, so they decided to look into breastmilk. It turns out it was mostly made of a sugar your body didn't process, you would just piss it out. Turns out that sugar is for feeding the microbes in the gut, to populate your intestines with healthy bacteria.

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Also, don’t cut the cord until it stops pulsating.

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What's happening there, some final extra surge of stem cells that the kikes want to get their claspers on?

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Here’s a blurb about the importance of delayed clamping in case anyone is scrolling through these replies and is curious:


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That’s why I’m hoping to give birth at home someday. Then I can call my own shots.

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in hindsight i should have insisted on that but didnt know at the time ,i actually offered the cord blood to the hospital thinking they would pounce on it and instead was told no they didnt have anywhere to store it and it just got disposed of

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What about banking it for the stem cells?

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If that’s really important to you, looks like you can bank stem cells and delay cord clamping.


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If you ladies want to lose all of the weight you put on during pregnancy you need to make milk, you stupid fucking titcows.

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The hospital I worked at was designated baby friendly. https://www.unicef.org/nutrition/index_24806.html

Breastfeeding is a learned art and was passed from mother to mother. Most women today can’t be bothered. Hospitals have lactation nurses that do a great job insuring the latest information and equipment is available to help the new mothers. The thing that amazes me is how many pediatric physicians are in the pockets of the formula makers. They are the biggest impediment to breastfeeding. Nature has provided the perfect nutritional package for the infant.


Feeding sooner rather than later gives the newborn a leg up as far as immunization, etc.

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