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People see you as a threat so they find a way to exclude you. It happens to smart people throughout their life. The people that shut them out are likely socially smarter and more willing to be socially dishonest. The tendency of the spergs is to always be honest, which often gets them in trouble.

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Honesty is career ending in corporate America.

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Acting like an autistic shitlord is career ending in normal society. Having a high IQ doesn't make you valuable.

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Broad assumption here is that having a high IQ automatically translates into autism or some psychiatric classification.

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I was worried that I was autistic or on the Asperger's spectrum. I have an IQ tested above 150. But I tested for Asperger's and turns out I am not at all, and in fact highly capable (in the top 15th percentile) in evaluations and awareness that lack in Asperger's.

My conclusion after all these years is that I disrupt the status quo and irritate people, being a 'know it all'. Especially when I become an influence causing someone's cognitive dissonance to bother them.

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High IQ people also have fewer friends which makes them appear to be autistic. (link)

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People fear that which they do not understand.

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do you have any idea how frustrating it is to know the results of like 70% of the decisions people are making around you before they do? being smart and pretending to be normal is painful. i do it because as you pointed out, it is advantageous, but i dont blame those that are unwilling. sometimes i just want to go on a massive rant explaining how fucking stupid everyone around me is right to their moronic faces.

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Honestly, the hardest part for me is the boredom. I work in a factory, on the production line. The repetition of the job kills me. I have to struggle to keep my mind from wandering off to other subject while my body goes on autopilot.

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Must have been highly disciplined. College football conversations are almost as dumb as political arguments.

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the biggest struggle i have in the workplace is the politics. accomplishing my challenging computer programming work is nothing compared to the challenge of interacting with morons.

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This will have a lot to do with extremely high IQ individuals being commonly socially inept and/or uncharismatic. People don't get into high positions in industry by being socially inept. They become technical specialists, and commonly are happy in this capacity as they prefer this over the responsibility and socially dynamic arena that is the tricky, unstable, and sometimes dirty world of elite business.

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If you lived in a society of literal retards, you probably wouldn't want to spend much time with them.

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To high IQ people by the methodology of determination of who is retarded they literly are surrounded by, and in a world controled by, retards. It is a poetic hell

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Right, there’s that.

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being commonly socially inept and/or uncharismatic.

I'm a sociopath, and a former con artist. I have a number of people who consider me their friends. I have a successful business career.

There's still a huge barrier. You can overcome exclusion by appearing to the sheep to be one of them. Doing so just reinforces that you aren't.

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If you find them inept they probably are just disinterested in you and part of your survival strategy is having many interested people around you.

It is the flow of group dynamic, the group acts subtly subconciously in its best interest. You find them bothersom so you don't get in their way and they just pass by you like you are aesthetic furnature.

Not saying you are not intelligent just that like seeks like for a evolved purpose, we do best not impeding eachother finding the place where we are most benificial.

Many of my ancestors survival mechanisms is alcohol. lowering ones position so that the group treats you different than normal works. Could be a dependance for some high IQ people to normally socialize.

You also forget industry is ancient , evolved, and corrupt. The powers that monopolize the labour markets and tax cattle are not always successful coercing some into the indoctrination camps. The high IQ could be intuitively poisoning toxic environments water supply to drive people like you away from supporting someone elses industry.

They do not prefer being in the place they are put for not being a useful showpiece to promote the university of quality labour monopoly. They have coerced market pressures putting them there. They are kept away from elite business because they would be exceptional competition. In a world where we can measure likelyhood of success stupid people can have power over those they know have more talent than them.

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This is a great comment, but I don't think you're as smart as you think you are.

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Hey, read the article, poser

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You just gotta learn to keep your mouth shut and learn to fake the emotions other people show. High intelligence seems to be accompanied by a detachment that comes from early life superiority complexes and a tendency toward a logical approach to things that many think emotionally over. Practice pretending to be more emotional, keep your mouth shut and find a job that isn’t boring or you will find a way to make it interesting. (And then get fired for it)

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I think a lot of spergs are not detached, I think they are completely attached to social nuances and cues, they just refuse to play the dishonest social games. It is they who are truly detached.

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I think we just find it unnecessary and abitrary to care and follow rules designed for people who are retarded in most aspects. Natural law. The strong rule the weak.

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hmm, have you met someone who was diagnosed an asperger? An asperger is not just a socially akward genius. They think very differently than geniuses.

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You support tax cattle and labour monopolies?.

Early life superiority complex's?? You know that which you speak of. People below the mean are more likely to think they are smarter than those around them and visa versa.

Think logically where others do not??? People process the same things the same way intelligent do it much faster and their bodies do not need to flush hormones to boost efforts as soon.

Don't keep your mouth shut and self censor because you are smart.

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I had a feeling this was going on.

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Less intelligent people are more likely to act like snakes.

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Dunning-Kreuger effect. After I learned about that, life began to make so much more sense. Retarded, dumb people are absolutely 100% confident in everything they do, even when it's obviously tremendously stupid with clear consequences.

Unfortunately, risky behavior is attractive to women- it's supposed to be attractive to them because it's a sign that the male will put himself in danger to provide for and protect the woman and their children. However, today it seems like confidence/bravery is not even one degree separated from flat out stupidity. Women are attracted to stupid, because they didn't have a father that taught them the difference between foolish confidence and real confidence.

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The Dunning-Kruger effect is a big factor behind these lost resources.

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Or maybe the intuitive pressures of the collective subconcious are pushing them away from serving others as tax cattle or market monopoly enforced slaves

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The DK effect is hilariously misunderstood by most people. This is because they took the meaning from some crappy article they read rather than discovering the actual key finding on their own. The “stupid are confident, smart are cautious” part is not the key finding.

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As always, the Gold was in the comments of the article dated 2015:

Power attracts problem solvers only when there are problems that power can solve. Ironically, by the time these problems - poverty, oppression, inefficiency, abuse - come to be, positions of power are already securely in the hands of Narcissists, who were the creators of these problems in the first place and don't want any smart-asses solving them and spoiling their thrills and profit margins and sex slave parties.

If you want to change the world, you'd first have to partake in the ruthless competition for power that typically only interests Narcissists. Failing to do that but still partaking in invention & science makes you a psychopath's toy maker - the rulers are bending every available technology and resource to their advantage (even the Internet with Facebook and Google), and it's not looking pretty. What might happen when they can become Gods and Fates of virtual worlds full of conscious virtual humans? Something they'd perhaps never accomplish on their own. Lovecraft would be children's stories in comparison.

Game theory says nature loves the ruthless. Those who will use fear, pain, terror, deception and all the tools of the war-box always ultimately win over those who try to play nice (or are compelled to be relatively nice due to their empathy). All good men will roll on their backs like little dogs if their loved ones are threatened - everyone who loves will ultimately negotiate with terrorists. As will anyone with empathy when enough is threatened. That's how easily evil conquers, and it's the same everywhere. Only the concept of God and an eternal punishment for failure could even the playing field, but that would require belief, which is now inaccessible to intelligent people (at least to those who are in control of their own minds). Even if it weren't inaccessible, we are soon (negligible senescence via genetic engineering) at a stage where fear of earthly punishment can rival fear of the eternal. It's said that the Church retarded science, but it obviously has not retarded it enough.

It remains for intelligent people to remove themselves from science and technology related fields, perhaps focusing entirely on artistic endeavours or something else that creates no significant tangible value. Anything else means speeding up the inevitable & utter doom inherent in nature and mankind.

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All good men will roll on their backs like little dogs if their loved ones are threatened - everyone who loves will ultimately negotiate with terrorists. As will anyone with empathy when enough is threatened.

This false belief is why history is littered with the corpses of evil men, and why even the grandest of them generally die miserable deaths.

Those who love deeply don't always roll over like little puppies, a portion of them will simply kill you for threatening their families even if they themselves have to die to do it.

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Fascinating writing you have. I couldn't agree more, and it's as if so much of this was written by my own hands. Earth is a weird place and I'm reminded of this constantly. I keep thinking I have it figured out, and then I happen upon another "1%-er" who actually isn't evil, just...misunderstood. I wonder if we will be killed, a human sacrifice, like Jesus but instead nameless, like most of our kind.

Because I think that's all Jesus was...a misunderstood man. "If there was no God, man would need to invent him." So that's pretty much what Jesus set out to do. People stop comprehending that they are their own reality, and blame everything outside of the self. He used his life to "prove the existence of God" which actually means prove that we all have ultimate choice over our actions and we can actively choose to do the thing that is harder to make everyone else better off. Most humans just never get this far in their comprehension of what "God" means, but I know this shit sunk in for me when "God" was the only reason I could accept myself as autistic, and ultimately as a result, forever different.

It was the largest swell of emotion I've ever felt, and I guess that's why I call it "God" because no other word really actually describes the strangeness, the otherness, of the experience. I remember paying excessively close attention when it was happening, I was fully sober and had 20 web browser tabs of ASD/autism/aspergers research open and suddenly, I was extinguished, deflated, defeated, and just a lost boy. This weird yellowish (lime-yellow, lol) "spirit" thing (many of the ancients called it ghost of the holy spirit, lol) came into me and explained to me that the universe doesn't always have to make sense, and I was soothed and calmed by this strange force's existence. I was so embarrassed, actually, at having been wrong and been atheist, but even that was something that was soothed. It simply didn't matter. I marveled at how I would explain this to my former self, but then smiling knowingly, as I didn't need to, he simply wasn't ready.

I actually think, after having this experience, that I am certain all religions have the same root of (false?) significance. We argue over the minutiae and cannot see past our own eyes. I can only cry for all the misery of this world that it, itself, doesn't even notice.

You folks can tease me, I don't mind. I guess maybe I had my "moment in the desert" or something. sigh I do wonder if I'm just losing it these days. I quit my job because I was continually excluded in precisely the ways described in this article - and more, since I lost my partner as well, who found a more social, alcoholic nerd to fuck. It was truly heart-rending experience, both at home and on the job. Now I am free, but unsure of my new wings.

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Thank you for sharing your epiphany. Keep that memory alive as it will ground you when you are tested by the Neanderthals.

Focus on preparing for the unfortunate future and that will keep your mind and hands busy. Learn skills and acquire tools that you can use to barter in bad economic times ahead.

Your wings will take you where you want to go because you are an adapter who has open eyes. Map your future logically and with little emotion. Be careful who you share what you see as not all are ready, as you mentioned.

Learn how to shoot. Project Appleseed helped me and teaches the calm needed to accurately fire a rifle and anyone can do it. Great stress reliever :)


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Why do you think intelligent people are incapable of belief?

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I wish I wrote that piece, but just thought it eloquent and shared.

It seems that no matter the Good Intention of an organization, be it a Church, PETA or political party, some psychopaths will harness the energy and hijack it for selfish purpose. That's what dooms the idealistic communism Eden. People are the weak link. Maybe our cyborg Overlords will be better Rulers.

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The ultimate minority is the individual.

The stories that lead the group and individual to success evolved. The origin of species caused a wave in the world that has yet to be reconciled with the bible, likely do to many insisting on it being literal rather than evolved wisdom.

The forces of nature( god) will balance the scales. I am lauded as a prophet no matter how hard I try to remain covert and we see the natural prophet peterson providing gods call to responsibility and order.

You wrongfully believe the weaker wepons are more powerful. (Anger/fear, envy, greed, glutony, lust, pride, and sloth)

But the more dangerous weapons are their opposites. The path to hell is paved with good intentions. Gandhi seperated the british raj with the passive aggressive strategy of war and now they don't have toilets.

Intelligent should do as god(the forces of their environment) guides them to.

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The forces of nature( god) will balance the scales.

The gods of the copybook headings

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I think the author said:

  1. People can only communicate with others in a similar IQ range. This leads to very high IQ people not being able to understand or be understood by other people their age. This socially isolates them.

  2. School curricula is designed for a certain IQ range, and is inappropriate for those outside that range, wether too high or too low. This excludes the very high IQ people, making them resentful of their school.

  3. Social relationships only work if the people have similar IQs. Very high IQ people never get a chance to develop socially if their IQ limits them to 1% of the population. Then they have very small dating pools, resulting in almost no chance of finding a mate.

  4. Very high IQ individuals are therfore exlcuded.

I expect the Dunning-Kreuger effect will be in full force as 99% people think they are in the top 1%. I see myself in a lot of this, but other evidence says I am dumb.

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Nice to see someone that actually read and understood it.

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Meanwhile, Hollyweird/SJW society engineers are pushing rap music and ghetto-culture-fetishism so that the actually brain-dead, low-IQ, home-boy crack-denizen class can feel themselves to be "just like everybody else" or at least "sufficient".

But they are not sufficient. The Ghetto is chock full of dead-weight drags on an otherwise prospering society filled with rather clever people.


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Society caters toward the low-IQ thanks to the violence other low-IQ humans comitted in order to give rights to low-IQ individuals.

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