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read the article and there is no fucking proof that this is right. hogwash

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Dude the black hole theory was not a theory, michelle obama is the real black hoe.

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https://archive.fo/qewxF :

Scientists confirm Einstein's supermassive black hole theory | Reuters

'With an orbit of 16 years, they knew it would return close to the black hole in 2018. '

'The black hole is 26,000 light years away from Earth and has a mass 4 million times that of the Sun. '

'This showed the star’s orbital velocity increasing to more than 25 million kph (15.5 million mph) as it approached the black hole. '

'BERLIN (Reuters) - A team of international scientists observing a star in the Milky Way have for the first time confirmed Einstein’s predictions of what happens to the motion of a star passing close to a supermassive black hole. '

'The star’s wavelength stretched as it sought to escape the gravitational pull of the supermassive black hole, shifting its appearance from blue to red, Odele Straub from the Paris Observatory said. '

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LOL (((scientists))) Tesla never changed his opposition to (((relativity))). Was only ever a (((PR))) stunt to keep inquisitive minds contained.