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Thought voat was all about Einstein fraud theory/fact? Im not knowledged enough about that- just saying question everything.

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Einstein was very smart, but he built many of his theories on top of other peoples work... the Jew media just puts him on a much higher pedestal than he deserves.

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but he built many of his theories on top of other peoples work...

This guy hates science.

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Who did Einstein rip off?

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Since he was Jew the Jew Media probably made him take credit for all others inventors work which he then claimed to be his own with some slight modifications. That is how nepotism work and how it appears to be in this case. Goyim brainwashed 100% to the max to worship the jew.

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Couldn't have said it better myself. http://archive.fo/Lthyw

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It's true Einstein was a jew who created a theory incompatible with quantum physics but he's our jew.

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Einstein was a known plagiarist. At best he co-discovered many of the theories he's alleged to have discovered. http://archive.fo/Lthyw

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Einstein was a proven plagiarist. I'm sick of jew media saying how he's always "right" when most of "his" ideas weren't even his. http://archive.fo/Lthyw

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He was an open communist, therefore history must remember him fondly and NEVER admit he was wrong, .

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This whole thread has been a good read. The flat earther references, alternative scientific theories, jew commentary, credits to contemporaries of Einstein who had their work plagiarized, aspersions to the mental faculties of other users, very well rounded and the perfect thing before turning in for the night.

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I'm disappointed no one denied the holocaust yet.

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I may not be an expert I am sure this is not accurate. I know there are much smarter people than me, like wallace thornhill who would rip this finding to shreds. Even einstine himself knew his theories were greatly lacking, probably wrong and even said as much, but people still revere him for some odd reason today. Do some research in to the electrical universe and you will understand that its likely black holes and neutron stars dont even exist but are what we used to explain things when we hadn't fully understood them yet. I am more inclined to believe the EU theory that "black holes" are actually very dense plasmoids. And no this is not some flat earth retard shit. Research the Electric Universe.

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electric universe is absolutely flat earth shit.

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And why do you think that? Have you actually ever looked in to it? Other famous skeptics like michael shemer have and they write glowing articles about it. Flat earth has no science behind it, EU is pure science. I have such little hope for humanity because of shit like this.

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Plasma cosmology is fascinating. And I don't believe blackholes exist, the gravastars theory make more sense to me.

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Electric Universe is basically Nicola Tesla’s theory. Tesla openly stated Einstein’s E=MC was totally horse shit and at 1 point Einstein even agreed. Tesla said the earth contained so much electricity that he could harness it and create rings of light around the earth like the rings of Saturn. They can’t reproduce gravity without using electromagnetism, yet if you assume for a moment that, that is exactly what’s going on, suddenly multiple comets and asteroids passing the sun every month being completely unaffected by its “gravitational pull” makes n if it’s wrong it’s certainly not flat earth haha.

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Could you elaborate or share some sources?

I'd be very interested.

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Give me one concrete quantitative prediction that the Electric Universe theory makes. It doesn't even have to be correct.

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There are thousands, you would be better off looking them up for yourself. I will mention one super cool fact that is undeniably true and one of the main pillars of the EU theory, stars like our own sun get their power from interstellar electromagnetic currents called birkland currents, stars are not giant nuclear reactors and its quite silly to even think that. If youve never heard this it will undoubtedly sound absurd but just do some research and hopefully you will understand.

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Never mind the artists conception fig2 says it all

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I'm too dumb to factor in both gravitational redshift and the doppler effect

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(((Emily conover))) never ending stupidity

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oh? You have some scientifically valid insight your are you just a flat earth retard?

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