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This is misleading. Those rocks have always been there. What changed was our ability to detect them.

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To call it misleading is a kindness that the article does not deserve. If they made some handwaving generalities and deliberately let the reader come to the wrong conclusions, I would call that misleading.

(/scoopadoop, I'm not disagreeing with your comment, simply emphasizing and expanding on the extent of the wrongness.)

But the article is packed to the brim with wrong information.

... new animation from NASA demonstrates just how dramatic the increase in near-Earth asteroids entering our Solar System has become over the last 20 years.

No. There is no increase in near-Earth asteroids.

The video, based on data gathered by the Center for Near-Earth Object Studies, shows the huge surge of space rocks hurtling towards the inner Solar System.

Again, simply wrong.

Ironically, the closest that the article gets to the truth in is in the headline. There they acknowledge "near-Earth asteroids spotted by NASA have skyrocketed" (emphasis mine) and don't say that the actual number as skyrocketed. But, not to let a chance pass by, the headline writer had to throw click baity words in, as well.

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The source is RT.

They can be entirely ignored but a large percentage of Voat appears to believe they are a valid source.

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Holy shit dude, you didn't have to murder them

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My blood remains liquid.

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My blood turned into cheese just from reading the headline. I added some chopped nuts and put it on a party platter with some whole wheat crackers for everyone to enjoy while they read the article.

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If it anything like blood pudding I'm sure it's delicious

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Can confirm. It was delicious.

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this doesnt curdle my blood in the slightest but thanks.

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hope one hits us soon - tired of waiting - population way too high - end of the world has been coming since 1952

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MY GOD! Those asteroids are gigantic, it looks like they are as big as the sun!!!!