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shutup and take my money.

when can i have a lens that will fit my nexstar!

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I'm pretty sure they make lens adapter kits for telescopes.

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a 3 mrad laser pointer should create a spot thats 3 meters wide at about 1k--but thats back of the napkin and I know nothing about optics.

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Isn't that what John Leonard Walson uses?

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There should be MORE photos of Uranus.

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Interplanetary n00dz yo; all the way back from where the sun don't shine (as much— even the solar system is a bit of an exhibitionist).

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JFC I need comment contribuwetio n nigger poijtns to even plsot somehting deunk with nmy new alt? Fuck voat, this shit is niggerviklle

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Looking at giant planets and shit, they look so small on our computer screens... Its so hard to comprehend how giga those balls are though. Just imagine if that shit was right next to earth

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Do you think we'll call the folks from Uranus, the shitz?

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Good website to throw the photo right up front.

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Dude, I almost came in my pants when I saw this site's design. There's no bloat... seriously. Fucking impressed.

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Brave is telling me it's blocking 75 scripts and 19 ads and trackers.

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Light from these artificial stars is then used to determine the turbulence in the atmosphere and calculate corrections, which are then sent to the deformable secondary mirror of the UT4 to correct for the distorted light.

A deformable mirror!? That's some amazing optical witchcraft going on there.

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We could have just went to a fun house mirror maze and saved a lot of money

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It sounds like magic to me.

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That's genuinely impressive. I wonder how well it handles small celestial bodies where you have less surface area to bounce light off of, like dwarf planets. Would also love to see how it resolves images closer bodies, like Jupiter.

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Neptune has a "cloud complex" ... oh my.

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great, but moon scope when?

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Wandering stars.

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