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White people need to stop having kids cause resources.. We need immigrants because white people arn't having kids...

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The fact that Asia, most notably China, is 'trashing' the Pacific Ocean with plastic garbage comes as no surprise to me. China has always treated the Yangtze River as a communal trash dump. Go to any Y-T video of this River and related Pollution and you will see any examples of Chinese literally dumping barrels of old plastic containers of every kind into the river. Put simply, the Chinese, for all their intellectually ability with Math and Science, do not have a clue when it comes to proper trash management and recycling. The average Chi-knee thinks nothing of tossing trash out their car window or off the back door ledge of their hovel. I once watched a video of Chinese high school girls wet-moping up the floors of their school. What did they do with the dirty mop water buckets when they were done? Dump them down the drain? No...they opened up a window on the 2nd floor of the building and dumped the dirty water out the same down to the alley below behind the building with no care at all. Just remember this: "Chinese are to Trash-tossing, what India's are to Street-shi++ing." It's just that simple.

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They need a sense of the greater good. It's funny how communism is all about that, supposedly, but the way chi-coms live is exactly the opposite in practice.

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Back in my schooldays of the early 2000s I did a project on the Baiji Dolphin -- aka The Goddess of the Yangtze. It was highly endangered at the time and without doubt is extinct today.

For anyone who says Asians are alright to live with whites they've never been or travelled rural Asia.

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sounds more like a rural vs city problem to me.

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All throughout the article "our trash". It should read "their trash".

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This goes to show there are still large parts of asia that are third world.

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Mmm wincest

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There are already species of bacteria evolving in the oceans to eat them.

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Only plastic gooks.

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There are already bacteria that can eat them and you all the same.

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There are species of fungus thriving on radiation in the Chernobyl exclusion zone as well. It doesn't mean I'm going camping there any time in the next few tens of millennia.

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Beginnings of the protomolecule?

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Do you have a citation?

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There were some articles that the Japanese had discovered a bacteria that ate PET (polyethylene?) bottles. But that's just one of many types of polymers (aka plastics).

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Probably a paper from some unknown phd who might have discovered this bacteria. A form of fake news.

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Is @fastactingimpaler this retarded naturally or did they have to study for it?

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This is why the West needs to ban plastic drinking straws, pronto!

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this is what happens when bug people are given human technology.

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It's mainly the Chinese and the Indians.

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