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No. France was the first prototype of a financial elite overthrowing and murdering their own monarchy and taking their throne. It was where all communists, liberals and socialists studied and it was the bloodbath that preceded the death of conservatism. The Bastille was not only political prisoners. Friars and nuns aren't deserving the guillotine. The ideals of the French Revolution are the core evil of the world, because it does not precede RESPONSABILITY over their acquired FREEDOM. The US bridged that with the Consitution, and instilled the responsability of american citizens to PROTECT THEIR OWN FREEDOM, with their lives, if needed be. Obviously, freedom with responsability > freedom without responsability.


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Imbeciles like Robespierre murdering Christians, all in the name of the "better man"... Where have I heard that one before?


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"The Law" by Frederic Bastiat, 1850.

Corroborates your perspective and explains the evils of socialism (legal plunder).