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Meanwhile, on reddit: I cannot believe these responses. Thank god for voat.


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Oh boy.

Why does the State have a right to restrict my right to information about my own god damn family/children?

Your child's DNA information belongs uniquely to her. Not to you. Stealing the child's medical information solely for your own selfish purposes is obviously immoral, especially if proving false paternity is unlikely to be in the child's best interest.

This kind of sophistry is part of the feminist strategy for pushing pedo, where kids are 'treated as adults as early as possible'. It used to be that kids had no rights superseding their parents, even to their own life, until adulthood. Through putting 'humane' requirements on parents (e.g. food, water, clothes, shelter), kids de facto gained these as 'rights', though it was never coded in law as rights of kids. Now, with 'rights to [their] own body', the last mechanisms for parents to properly raise kids are being erased. The completion of this agenda will see adults mere peers with the kids they are legally obligated to support in the house they 'own'.

And it was all laid out 40 years ago in various feminist works. Ask for any cites if curious.


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I'm definitely interested in the history of this most heinous evil.


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We should have nuked Paris instead of Nagasaki.

At least the Japanese have self-respect and decency.


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At least the Japanese have self-respect and decency.

no really they are big perverts too.they even have a penis festival in some cities/prefectures


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lol top reply "It is legal, but only in the context of justice investigation on behalf of a judge" Anything a man cannot do of his own free will and instead has to go ask someone higher up for permission is hardly worth being called "legal". Like the brits introducing porn passes, sure it's still legal to watch porn IF you ask for permission from big daddy government first but fail to ask and you get police knocking on your door.


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The EU focused subs are pretty cancer. On /r/de they often try to find ways to justify taking in migrants and deflect away from their crimes. Those that disagree are usually downvoted.

I can't believe how fucked European "progressives" are