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It’s all about protecting the family and the good of the children until the woman wants out. Then it’s somehow in the kids’ best interest to blow up the family.

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France is like a failed prototype of the USA, they tried to make it...freedom, brotherhood, liberty, equality, all those free ideas but had the burden of imperial history and traitors from within... it was trying to remake itself but restrained, like having a giant Incirlik Puerto Rico, niggerville-jerusalem-arabia and Africa tied around you chained to your legs...all this shit colonial crap stuck to you.... while being morally led by a crazy woman or a leader like Donatien Alphonse François, Marquis de Sade. Thousands of brave Americans and allied would fight and bleed and die on the beaches of a failed nation who allowed Hitler to walk straight into Paris without a single shot fired. http://i.imgur.com/wnWbaK2.jpg German dude literally danced his walk into Paris, and the promiscuous women opened their legs to whatever invader arrived. Through its history the Republic, the Empire and the French were too useless to fight for that freedom, nobody can fix them they only care for their cheese, wine, and chocolate, their collections of virus STDs and truly are perverted in heart and in every fight to better themselves got knifed in the back only ended up killing each other. A historical series of conflict and internal fights were only for other perverts other for bankers and French themselves never followed through. The whole nation was the original Sin City, it's not just Vegas or Hollywood that historically attracted the commies fascists sell outs and elopers, they opened their legs to the Arabs and tried to turn part of N.Africa into a vacation home joint, France tries to act classy but its fake, the perverts in their temples are still there, the royal elites only hid themselves better and its all 'acting' its the original whore house, connected directly with N.African drug den Marrakesh prostitution, gambling, drinking, clubbing, Vietnam and Thailand was there, Africa the Caribbean, Beirut also with prostitution, strip clubs, cabarets, drugs, drinking, clubbing when they pulled out they brought all North African islamic trash home and made them French citizens. The government claims Everyone Can Be French and you are not allowed census or ask about people's background or heritage, ethnic religious jihadi cult statistics are hush hush. France was the original San Franciso Commiefornia and Napoléon the original Clinton style Bush Neocon imperialist and first to get fucked over by the Rothschild. Still an interesting culture and people, Camp of the Saints by author and explorer Jean Raspail a fantastic book. The Collapse of France? It's been coming for 200 yrs started in Vertieres on November 18, 1803 where the French forces were defeated. All of human history is a blink, we are like a grain of sand out of billions on a beach, if all of this planets history was compressed into 24 hrs the billions of years, the asteroids, the floods, the ancient volcanoes, the dinosaurs for millions of years it would barely make more than a blink, we are the last 3 seconds before midnight, all of the planets history compressed humans have been around since 11:59:57pm— 3 seconds before midnight... France will not survive, it will easily be erased by the sands of time and now we see the final chapter of a modern day Babylon or sodom and gomorrah

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No. France was the first prototype of a financial elite overthrowing and murdering their own monarchy and taking their throne. It was where all communists, liberals and socialists studied and it was the bloodbath that preceded the death of conservatism. The Bastille was not only political prisoners. Friars and nuns aren't deserving the guillotine. The ideals of the French Revolution are the core evil of the world, because it does not precede RESPONSABILITY over their acquired FREEDOM. The US bridged that with the Consitution, and instilled the responsability of american citizens to PROTECT THEIR OWN FREEDOM, with their lives, if needed be. Obviously, freedom with responsability > freedom without responsability.

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I think I get what you're trying to say, but damn, it's a translation nightmare. I need more alcohol.

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All of human history is a blink, we are like a grain of sand out of billions on a beach, if all of this planets history was compressed into 24 hrs the billions of years, the asteroids, the floods, the ancient volcanoes, the dinosaurs for millions of years it would barely make more than a blink, we are the last 3 seconds before midnight, all of the planets history compressed humans have been around since 11:59:57pm— 3 seconds before midnight...

This is good stuff, but you really need to learn how to paragraph.

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Remember it's her body her choice, but men have to pay for it regardless.

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Meanwhile, on reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/france/comments/2sqv2i/why_is_paternity_testing_illegal_in_france/ I cannot believe these responses. Thank god for voat.

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Oh boy.

Why does the State have a right to restrict my right to information about my own god damn family/children?

Your child's DNA information belongs uniquely to her. Not to you. Stealing the child's medical information solely for your own selfish purposes is obviously immoral, especially if proving false paternity is unlikely to be in the child's best interest.

This kind of sophistry is part of the feminist strategy for pushing pedo, where kids are 'treated as adults as early as possible'. It used to be that kids had no rights superseding their parents, even to their own life, until adulthood. Through putting 'humane' requirements on parents (e.g. food, water, clothes, shelter), kids de facto gained these as 'rights', though it was never coded in law as rights of kids. Now, with 'rights to [their] own body', the last mechanisms for parents to properly raise kids are being erased. The completion of this agenda will see adults mere peers with the kids they are legally obligated to support in the house they 'own'.

And it was all laid out 40 years ago in various feminist works. Ask for any cites if curious.

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I'm definitely interested in the history of this most heinous evil.

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We should have nuked Paris instead of Nagasaki.

At least the Japanese have self-respect and decency.

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At least the Japanese have self-respect and decency.

no really they are big perverts too.they even have a penis festival in some cities/prefectures

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lol top reply "It is legal, but only in the context of justice investigation on behalf of a judge" Anything a man cannot do of his own free will and instead has to go ask someone higher up for permission is hardly worth being called "legal". Like the brits introducing porn passes, sure it's still legal to watch porn IF you ask for permission from big daddy government first but fail to ask and you get police knocking on your door.

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The EU focused subs are pretty cancer. On /r/de they often try to find ways to justify taking in migrants and deflect away from their crimes. Those that disagree are usually downvoted.

I can't believe how fucked European "progressives" are

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I know a lot of posts and titles on voat get a moan and a groan and an assumption of "that's an exaggerated title", but this is real and controversial and the liberal government of France buries coverage of it and you will never see discussion of it on other leftist state-run media like BBC CBC ABC PBS NPR DK.

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a huge chunk of their media is perverted lolita shit - Les Lolitas Françaises - in their DNA maybe like some pervted historical drama you see in tv, some Lord or King who would see his own daughter while jerking off to the latest entertainer crap from Serge Gainsbourg, Alizée, Vanessa Paradis.

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Then I get to have as many illegitimate children as I want! Do nations not understand how incentive the populations in a positive manner even fucking works? All punishment for men. All protection for women.

France is niggerland.

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It's much simpler than that. The state doesn't want to pay.

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If it is anything like the US then the state, lawyers, and courts get paid by the man getting screwed.

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A judge can still determine it in cases involving child support.

This is basically preventing adopted children of discovering if their parents aren't their biological ones.

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So they live a lie their entire lives how is that supposed to be healthy?

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If it is similar to Germany, it's not during child support cases - only in cases where there is 'serious reason' to assume the child is not the official father's will a test be allowed. Which means things like impossible blood type, catching the woman not only with another man, but actually saying the kid is not his, and so on.

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This is a great way to encourage low fertility among anyone but rapists, whores, and whoremongers. Way to go, jews.

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Corruption and filth and crime, is everywhere in France, the Presidents buy little girls even young boys, Frédéric Mitterrand admitted to paying for sex with 'young boys' in Thailand, the French ex-cabinet minister 'travelled to Morocco for orgy with little boys ... shithole France its typically where Hollyweird rapists run to trying to evade US and international Laws, while the rest of the world went through the # MeToo not in France the French are ok with this shit, they love their Woody Allens and Polanskis

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What about the guy who is the real farther of the child.

Every man has a right to know if he's a father. It's one of the most fundamental rights of being a human being.

This is akin to taking a child from the mother after it's born and telling her it died.

The willful act to not tell someone or block their ability to find out about their childs existence is fucked.

The last government that tried to interject itself into the family unit lead to the one child policy, killing countless thousands/millions of children because they had the bad luck of coming second or born the wrong sex.

The government has no right to stick its ugly fucking neck into family rights.

Big fucking line crossed here France. Good luck with becoming the next capital of the Middle East you cucked cowards. It's ok France just bend over and take it up the ass like you did with the Germans, it should be easy now that it's nice and loose.

We aren't coming to save you this time.

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Nation of literal cucks.

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Are the test inadmissible? From the image at seems if you get the test, you may use it as evidence.

So the choice is 18 years of obligation plus $10,000 to over $100,000 in costs, or, 1 year in French prison plus ~$17,500 fine.

I'll take the latter.

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