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Most? Most likely all. We've never even had a human outside Earth's sphere of influence. Science hints this alone may prove problematic. We'll see but there are huge unknowns.

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Fuck Mars. Whomever gets to mining those astroids first will basically be King of humanity.

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The only reason to land on Mars is the sheer romance of the exercise - between the barely extant atmosphere and the absent magnetic field, you'd have to live exactly the same way you would on a nonplanetary body, with the additional drawback of a deeper gravity well.

For now, though, I'd stick to colonizing the moon and leave the asteroids for later: the moon's chock full of unexploited resources and there's a much quicker turnaround time. The extra risk and expense just aren't worth it yet, though they might make sense as fuel depots to allow for faster and more fuel hungry spacecraft designs if you can swing the right orbits.

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My hesitation with tampering with the moon is our gravitational relationship between the Earth and the Moon. Fucking with the moon could have significant impact on Earth. I'd rather live on a ship than a inhabitable planet.

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We'd have a thriving colony there if those in charge hadn't wasted resources on the shitskins.

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Inthink the blacks should have it.