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On the plus side, they dress nicer and keep their apartments really clean.


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I don't know where you live, but around here it seems to be working really well on the humans.


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What about all the anti-AlexJones street interviews?

You know the videos, Alex or his reporters try to ask a simple political question at a Soros or Dem party funded "organic protest" and the BRAINWASHED left-wing libtards screech:


And then in the many youtube clips the InfoWars reporter says "give me a single example of a conspiracy" and the left always says :

"Alex thinks a chemical is turning the FROGS GAY!!! Alex is a conspiracy nut!"

And for years Alex's show has named the specific chemical and the research papers.


But you can be assured that if you go to a left wing protest rally to destroy ICE and destroy borders and destroy capitalism next month, DESPITE scientific american coming years late to this fact...

The left anti-science Libtards will STILL screech that : Atrazine herbicide is a LIE! Its an Alex Jones CONSPIRACY! Reeeeeeeeee! at the merest sight of an InfoWars microphone!


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I hurt a Redditor libtard's feelings!