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The sort of things that we see happening at the moment may well be symptoms of the collapse of civilization. Camille Paglia talks about this a bit here:

At this stage, I think the collapse of civilization is inevitable. Whether it will rise from the ashes like a phoenix or wallow in a hellish dark age for a thousand years is not yet certain.

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Once any Authority is gone the nigger gangs will take over and kill everything

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Not in my town. We're well fucking armed.

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gangs will take over and kill everything

Lol. They are the first to go. Organizational skills of a box of cats underwater.

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We have already started preparing to avoid the collapse or failing that to rise from the ashes: /v/EmergencyNation

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the dark ages were actually fairly bright.

You have been misled.

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According to the most famous answer for the Fermi Paradox, all civilizations, regardless of planet of origin, collapse. The cause in all cases, according to the theory, is science. The creatures develop science until it's power destroys them. Always. In our case, the appocalypse will have been seeded by the discovery of quantum physics, and in particular very recent discoveries in that realm - regarding something known as "entanglement". These things will be used in an attempt to power a "Type I civilization" - which itself will foster a so-called "singularity" - the end of human existence and probably the sixth extinction too.