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Another in the long list of issues that will never be publicized or addressed because it "makes racists look right".

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This is intentional. The Jew views the intelligence of the white man to still be their greatest threat, which is why (((they))) are pushing so hard for interracial marriage - to have offspring that are just intelligent enough to do work but dumb enough to not be able to overthrow their opressors.

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If you are smart this is an opportunity.

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Not with democrats pushing for affirmative action and other discriminatory bullshit to knock down the white man.

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Equality of outcome is all that matters to them. Which means you will end up with the same job as the 89 iq immigrant regardless of how much you try and how overqualified you are. Isn’t Marxism grand.

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The west is also seeing an increase in population of shit skins.

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The West is not getting Dumber. The West is being dumbed down by a bunch of retarded niggers. Niggers from Africa and niggers from the Middle East.

Remove kebab.

Remove mosquito burgers.

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Mosquito burgers don’t even sound tasty. It’s hard to make a burger sound gross. Penis burger. I bet you would lick up the crumbs from a penis burger wouldn’t you?

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Stop injecting sexual degeneracy in everything i post you god damn kikes!!

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i remember when i was a kid, they would teach us that IQ didnt mean anything that's also when it was already starting to drop nationwide in my country

we could already see "anecdotally" though that every kid that had significantly higher iq (approx 110 points and higher) was smarter regardless and lower was dumber (approx 90 points or lower).

note that this is regardless of race obviously.

another "funny" thing i noticed in my life so far (and im pretty old now) is that everyone always thinks higher iq means better pay in the work place. on average its true but rarely for the top tier. smarter engineers for example will not get promoted to higher paying jobs or management jobs if there are dumber candidates that want the money and ego boost more. thats because for engineering and similar jobs its easier to manage people that will do a good job regardless than doing the actual job.

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How can I go about getting or taking a legitimate IQ test?

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Part of Voat can say what it wants about hating all immigrants, but to me by far above and away the most important qualifier is IQ. If an immigrant has a high IQ from a whatever country, I have no problem letting them in. But letting in these degenerate idiots ruins countries, and I have a huge problem with that. They'll reap what they sow if they let in too many deadbeats.

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