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Aren't they contributing to the global funds for pollution control? They aren't? What? So the United Nations just wants North America to foot the bill?

Sorry, no. How about Fuck You.

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Yeah that's exactly what was goign to happen, the US and Europe don't really pollute the world like China/India and Africa do but we were going to pay up an insane amount of money so some globalist government worker would get a nice cut from that.

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the US and Europe don't really pollute the world

The top plastics manufacturers are Dow, Exxon and Chevron. All American companies.

Next in line is Lanxess, ENI, BASF, INEOS and Lyondell Basell. All European countries.

You are very stupid aren't you?

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And then they take that money and spend it on ridiculous pie in the sky projects alongside generating more stats to back up their demands. "UN announces plastic will sterylise the oceans by 2025"

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When we outsource our production we outsource our pollution.

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When we outsource our production we outsource our pollution.

Oh, it's our fault again, is it? Well darn, we just can't seem to get away from ourselves, can we? Here's a new idea -- maybe it's the fault of the know-nothing, unprincipled little shits in Asia and Africa.

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Those countries certainly have lax environmental regulations and shitty conditions. But that is part of why they can produce goods cheaply. Whether it's unregulated to stay competitive or competitive because it's unregulated is up for debate. Either way, there certainly wouldn't be so much plastic there if they didn't make so much stuff.

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very true, the commenter used feminist logic, "yes woman wanted to have sex with Weistein for movie roles but it's mens fault still and woman are the true victims"

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ya sur. its ALWAYS other peoples fault! also, it was mcdonalds that made me fat!

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I don't think he's putting the sole blame on any one group, just my take from the situation.

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Thats not us outsourcing (((you))) dip shit, thats brown and yellow peoples governments allowing slave labour and 0 environmental protection laws or enforcement, wich, thanks to (((globalism))) cannot be competed against by local, law complying and tax paying buisnesses. Buy oh yeah, totally the wests fault, i guess all that aid money that goes out to the same places is somehow causing problems too.

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The problem here is not westerners buying stuff from China and never was. They don't ditch stuff they make for western markets into the river, they sell it to westerners. The crap that ends up in rivers is their own domestic waste, it has nothing to do with us whatsoever.

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brown and yellow peoples governments allowing slave labour

Hmm, at least the yellows are producing cheap consumer goods. The blacks aren't doing shit but emigrating and begging for gibs.

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Yeit is outsourcing. We import goods rather than make them in the US because it is cheaper. Obviously the environmental and labor requirements are almost nonexistent overseas. I'm not blaming the west for the shitty situation over there and all the pollution that comes from their factories. But who do you think buys all the stuff that they make over there?

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No, sorry, bullshit. This stuff isn't goods destined for the west that they decided would be a good idea to ditch in the river instead (real solid business plan there). Those countries have local consumption of plastic products and they are just as capable of ditching it in the river.

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If they had comparable environmental laws, it might be more competitive to make those goods at home.

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It might still be cheaper overseas, but it would certainly be closer.

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It comes as NO surprise whatsoever to us that 90% of the sourced polymer pollution comes from China, India and 2/3rds of Africa. Three places on this Earth which are historically high-population density and/or 3rd world hellholes having an aggregate population with a Baseline IQ of 82 Point percentile. In the case of China the root cause being Chinese culture have always looked upon moving waterways as a public toilet and sewer for Generations, as do their Southwestern Asian 'cousins' in India and Pakistan. Asians may be more intelligent that their African counterparts, but they still have yet to discover the benefits of modern plumbing, water treatment and general sanitation. [Case example: Take a look sometime behind the building at the back entrance of any Chinese Take-Out in any stripmall or otherwise. Same goes for the India/Paki Buffet places] Several very important general points to remember.

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how should we solve this problem?

import tens of millions of the worlds worst destroyers of the environment to the cleanest countries in the world. Thats sure to work!

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Nope! Not at all. Let those Asian SOB's live in their polluted nest. China is an environmental nightmare! I have been there 3 times. It's utterly a huge garbage heap. The way to clean it up is via filtration and processing facilities places in the rivers that LIFT OUT the plastic before it reaches the open Ocean or Sea. Microplastics can be filtered and removed via electrostatic and ceramic filtering technology already known. Junk in the ocean can be lifted out via nets or suction and filtration. Many methods already exist. The best and most promising is here: https://www.theoceancleanup.com/

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lol. meanwhile everybody I know looks down on me cuz IDGAF about "environmental issues". Yeah me stopping my plastic use is the real reason trillions of tons of plastic flow into the ocean. Great logic, liberal moron.

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It's ok I didn't use a straw today so everything's fine now

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I have land and burn couches, furniture, almost all recyclables including plastics, and people think I'm satan. Global corporations truly pollute the planet and no one bats an eye.

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Burn on. We'll all be filled with TEPCO rads long before plastic ruins the ecosystem! Edit: What's worse, Tepco actually burns radioactive plastic all the time! by the kiloton! and all that radiation lands where... continental USA. Why don't we talk about that, rather than a couple of fucking couches which would be fine to burn if these fuckers didn't want us to die from the toxic chemicals they force people to spray into furniture by the multi pound per item! And they save us tenths of a second in a fire, literally not enough time to matter at all. Meanwhile, we're all bio accumulating that fun stuff, and it get's released into the atmosphere in housefires. Again with like next to no benefit as far as flame retardation. So, let's burn furniture to get get lilly livered ninnys to come talk shit, then let's educate them on who we should be burning instead of couches... Then, only then, would I bat an eye at someone burning plastic, then mostly just for their own health/that of the ecosystem around the burn. But if it were going to be a large amount then IDK man that shit is quite toxic, maybe don't throw gasoline on the fire that's going to engulf us all?

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WHAT!?!? You mean it's not the plastic straws from Portland restaurants? Holy shit, who'd have thunk it?

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Chinese trash everything. Travel to any of their big cities and you'll see what I mean. Fucking trash and garbage laying around everywhere, except for the tourist areas like Tiananmen Square. Go off the beaten tourist trap areas, and it's a garbage dump. Chinese are the biggest polluters, air, land, and sea

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https://archive.fo/922c8 :

Plastic bag ban criticised as 90 per cent of plastic waste comes from rivers in Asia and Africa | Daily Mail Online

"A shocking study has revealed 90 per cent of the world's plastic waste comes from just 10 rivers in Asia and Africa.", "China's Yangtze River was the worst polluter, and ferries some 1.5 million tonnes of plastic into the Yellow Sea every year, the study found.", "The team wrote in the journal 'Environmental Science & Technology' that the problem has now become a global issue. 'Minute plastic particles can be found in the water in virtually every sea and river."

'As governments around the world rush to address the global problem of plastic pollution in the oceans, researchers have now pinpointed the river systems that carry the majority of it out to sea. '

'Dr Schmidt said to do this, researchers need a better understanding of how plastic makes its way into the oceans in the first place. '

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At least the third topic about it I've seen recently, but not downvoting. This needs more attention.

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